Strength/Power Split

Hi All,

I am doing some pre-season lifting with a male hurdler over the next few months.

We have discussed his goals, and he is keen to lift twice a week, with a possible third session later on in the program.


Day 1

  1. Power clean 5-8 x 3
  2. Push press 4 x 6
  3. Explosive bench 5-8 x 5
  4. Clap pushups 4 x 3
  5. Walking lunges (w. bb) 4 x 8
  6. Tricep ext. 4 x 8
  7. Hanging knee raise 3 x 12

Day 2

  1. Squat 3-5 x 3
  2. Front squat 4 x 8
  3. Inc. bench 5-3 x 3
  4. Bench 4 x 8
  5. ProHip 4 x 8
  6. Chin ups 3 x 5
  7. Hanging knee raise 3 x 12

Looking foward to some feedback.

not a fan of the explosive bench.
Why not have more balance with the squats and benches on both days?

why tricep extensions?

RE: Squats and bench once a week

Two reasons;

  1. I want to keep the sessions short. I’m just not sure how much quality I’ll get if I have have strength & power on the same days.

  2. Can we really expect to lift heavy twice a week?

Your days have so much volume… I am wondering what phase you are in and the purpose of such high volume at this point in the season.

How does this fit into your programme? What quality are you trying to improve with this programme that you will then use in your track training?

We are in the offseason heading toward a GPP, once he is ‘confident’ enough to come back from his injury.

I am working with an athlete who has LIMITED experience in the gym. The reason for the higher volume; to kick start the neuromuscular adaptation before we ramp the volume down toward lower reps, and heavier weights.

I am speaking ONLY from experience here. All of the begginers I have worked with have benefited from higher volume earlier on in there initial lifting programs. The heavier weights seem to muck up technique, and slow down the initial process of rapid adaptation, over say, the first 4 weeks.

I can agree with that if lifting is taking up a majority of the training and the lifts aren’t heavy. For anybody squatting 400+ or benching 240+, that will probably wreck you. Plan seems sound.