strength/power programme to increase stride length

i need to design a programme to significantly increase my stride length.
What exercises and routines have you seen work to improve power and therefore stride length?

thanks for your time

what makes you think that you need to increase your stride length at all, let alone by a significant margin?

I hope I’m not getting the wrong end of the stick here, but I’m pretty sure I’ve heard charlie and others say that it is more important to focus on increasing stride frequency and to let stride length develop naturally as strength increases, etc…

My stride length is definitely very poor and has been ever since i had a growth spurt. this makes me think i must have strength problems to sort out. I dont think my technique is too bad

any more thoughts on this?

work on strength, flexibility, and relaxation and the stride length should sort itself out.

Is stride frequency easily increased once a person is past puberty stage, I always though it was not??

charlie has said in speed trap that ben improved his 100m time from a 10.25-9.8 or so keep the same amout of strides (46.6). It seems like these gains come as a result of increased strength, relaxation and flexibility and the characterisitcs that surround these qualities.

Where are the strength requirements usually when hip height is low?

The strength requirements don’t change whether the hips are low are not. Either you have the strength to run with high hips efficiently, or you don’t.