Strength Endurance

Suggest the leg off the ground is in a position where the hip flexors come into play to stop overbalancing.

James, your opinion is always welcome, I have used running A’s over 30-40m after speed endurance/special endurance reps. When the weather has permitted I have also used them on grass with high skips as a session on its own.

Thanks number two, I get where your coming from, would you advocate their use if the athlete has reasonable technique but is still struggling a bit to retain posture throughout longer reps e.g. 300s. ?

Don’t use longer reps until the athlete can maintain proper posture throughout.

Thanks RB, I’ll rephrase, what I meant was if say he/she could hold out okay on say 1x300m but the 2nd rep becomes a bit of a struggle technically, could running A;s after 1x300m be a way to help improve technical endurance to be able to manage 2x300m with good technique, over a period of time of course. Or should it just be a matter of increasing the length of the 2nd rep in line with technical ability.

In regards to the question of the Running A’s serving as a substitute for the special endurance, my view is that this is a far less optimal alternative in comparison to a split run. If the second rep of a 300m is not in the cards then go for 150 + 150, or 200 + 100 or what have you in order that the biodynamic activity is still the run yet the split aspect will provide for higher quality for those athletes who do not yet possess the special work capacity to perform the 300m repeats.

Thanks James, I think I will still use the running A’s but as an addition to hill runs on grass that I have in mind for GPP 1 and early part of SPP1. Rather than continue to hijack this thread I will start a thread on the speed endurance issues elswhere.

Sure, just keep in mind that the running A’s are not a special endurance activity; but rather a strength endurance activity

Hi James, thanks, no danger of me confusing the two activity’s, just exploring ways to improve the ability to maintain posture throughout longer reps without putting the athlete under too much pressure (see Number Two’s comments earlier).

I did Running As for the first time last week and am surprised at how sore I’ve been since. I did a split-rep special endurance session on Wednesday, which was modeled from the SE workouts in Ben’s 1987 template (repeats of 60m). Looking to get more strength endurance work (I live in WI), I decided to follow the speed work with Running As; therefore, I reduced the total volume to account for the new element. I did 4x30m (4 sets of 18 seconds). While most of the soreness was throughout the hips and groin at first, my hamstrings are still a bit sore 4 days later. I know that introducing a new element of training can do such a thing, but this is a bit more than expected. Anyone else notice this when first trying Strength Endurance work? Should I cut down to only 2 or 3 reps this week? Tomorrow will be my first speed day since Wednesday, so we’ll see how I feel when back on the track.

4 sets could be too much and 18sec is too short. Charlie recommended about 45sec per set (30m), I would probably start at 2sets and increase sets slowly. For most normal people I would keep the sets fairly low or drop the A’s all together.

I read somewhere (either in this thread or another) that the “walking pace” equates to about 30 seconds per 50m. Therefore, I determined 18 seconds was the appropriate duration for 30m Running A’s (30/50 x 30 sec = 18 sec).

I’m just looking to get some muscular endurance work in while stuck indoors on a tight 160m track. My PBs are 10.88, 21.94, and 49.79, so I could definitely use some work on the endurance end. I’ll go with 2 reps this week and take it from there.

Watch the Van seminar - 45sec over 30m - 18sec is extremely easy and wouldn’t be considered strength endurance in my book.

Sounds good; thanks for the advice. I’ll try a rep (or two at most) of a longer duration. I could see this being pretty darn tough.