Strength endurance

Is there a need for strength-endurance training for athletes involved in sports like hockey, basketball, soccer, and lacrosse(ie. long hills, stadium stairs)?

Could aerobic capacity serve as a base for strength-endurance for team sport athletes like it serves as a base for speed/special endurance for sprinters?

Furthermore, what is the difference between strength-endurance and speed/special endurance as it relates to running?

Strength- endurance is crucial in virtually every sport. Now, dependant on the sport activity and physiological needs demanded by the activity, you will have to break down the type of strength- endurance.

The four examples that you gave require, for the most part, speed- strength endurance. All of the fore mentioned sports require explosive bursts of activity, therefore you need to train the body to be able to produce strong explosive forces repeatedly without fatigue. This is your speed-strength endurance. Hockey will require a somewhat different collaboration of the energy systems opposed to the other three sports, so the type of training will differ slightly (the same means may be used, but with different methods). Perform the hills, stadiums, or other means in explosive bouts and precisely calculated rest intervals for the best results. The duration of each bout and it’s ssequential rest interval will depend on the sport.

It’s not necissarily the aerobic capacity (VO2 max) that forms this foundation. The transient effects seen in predominantly anaerobic activities are due to the biological adaptation to the aerbic work (the eficient processing of oxygen and the increased amount of oxygen in the cells and blood). Maybe this is what you where refering to. Yes, these adaptations will benifit most athletes, granted that the aerobic work is utilized in the correct phase of the macrocycle.

Charlie may be more knowledgable on this matter, due to the fact that I am not an expert on running. As it relates to sports as a whole, though, I can give you my views. When the term strength endurance is typically used it refers to the ability to produce maximum force repeatedly while resisting fatigue. You will never see this in running or most any sport. Running will require speed- strength endurance (the ability to produce an explosive action repeatedly while resisting fatigue). This form of endurance pertains to each individual impulse while running. The overall or speed endurance of running pertains to the ability of the athlete to hold a particular speed for a given amount of time.

Hope this helps.

I think all sports a need a type of general endurance, ie Work Capacity, this can be improved many ways. ie. Tempo runs, tempo biking, bodyweight exercisies, bodyweight circuits, low intensity plyo’s, sled dragging, etc…things of that nature. It makes it possible to go at more specific skills more intensly and be able to recover quicker.