Strange knee problem

I seem to be having some stiffness/soreness issues in my left knee lately, though I can’t pinpoint exactly where the pain is coming from. Definately feels around the back of the knee but inside the joint almost if you know what I mean. The stiffness doesn’t arise while im running or training in any way; I tend to feel the soreness when im sitting with my knee fully flexed or if I kneel onto that particular knee. I’m not sure if I should continue training or not, or take a couple of weeks rest and see if theres any improvement?

Possibly meniscus. Get someone to check that if possible.

Are you also known as Captain Squat? Ummm. Why do you need to stop training? Why do you need to rest? Are you tired? All tests are open to someone’s opinion. You need to trouble shoot for yourself using the experts to guide you ( as efficiently as possible imo) while you work around your issue. Try to prioritize the tests that will give you the most feedback but in addition to this your mid body might not be doing the job in acting as a shock absorb-er / glutes, lower back, hams… are they tight? likely they are… How is your muscle density overall and your diet and what about mobility around the hip and back area? Knees are complicated and it’s worth taking some time to learn as much as you can about your body.

Could well be muscle tightness?
I had a very similier pain not long ago.
Plenty of self massage on the muscles around the knee for about one wk, then it was all better.
Training remained.

But, that was me, you could be different.


How’s your knee been? Ive had these same symptoms for seven weeks but have been pushing on along…it’s my right knee and ive only ever felt knee pain twice during physical activity, with the soreness only basically occuring after sprint sessions, while lying in bed at night and raising knee with foot in step-over running position, this only after sprinting…the positive for me is that the only 2 times ive noticed the soreness has been once while in the pool/water executing doggy paddle kicking(this was also after hauling ‘roofing asphalt shingle construction bundles’ up a ladder for a roof renovation)… with the 2nd time while performing a relatively light weight(95lb.) Hack squat machine(feet out in front while bar stays in vertical track) for 1/4 depth(knee angle 120-130 degree at bottom), which was at the end of a total body ‘bodyweight/heavyweight’ workout day which consisted of a total bodyweight circuit warmup lasting 20 minutes, followed by 5 sets of deadlifting, and then the aforementioned hacksquat machine.

Heavy squatting and deadlifting doesn’t seem to bother this ‘most probable meniscus problem’ for me…but then again i dont use a belt and only squat and deadlift around 1.5 times my bodyweight at the most which is 285-315 lb ( bodyweight 190-200 lb.) And don’t do full range ATG squat, but a 90degree knee flexion/half depth.

Within this past, 7 week ‘knee soreness primarily after sprinting’ period I’ve renovated 2 roofs( re-roofing: remove and install shingles) and was able to maintain three 10 hour ‘on your feet’ workdays for each roof(30 total hours)…while on the roof im standing almost all day but shuffling side to side while in a good morning type stance( to enable my ability to position shingles and fasten with ‘nail air gun’)