Stockholm: Wariner wants 43


Wariner shooting for ‘43 something’ in Stockholm – IAAF World Athletics Tour 2007
Thursday 2 August 2007
Stockholm, Sweden - The reigning World and Olympic champion in the 400 metres, Jeremy Wariner set a new stadium record in Stockholm last year with 44.02, which equals his current world leading time of this summer.

“To run under 44 seconds I need to put my best part of my races together at the same time,” confirmed Wariner who comes to DN Galan Tuesday, 7 August hungry for another 1-carat diamond.

Jeremy Wariner
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The DN Galan is a Super Grand Prix status meeting as part of the IAAF World Athletics Tour 2007.

“I am shooting for a time that begins with 43…,” confirms the American.

Home hero to challenge

Jeremy Wariner in Osaka
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The men’s 400 metres will showcase nine runners with personal bests better than 45 seconds and four who have sub-44.5 times.

In addition to Wariner the field includes fellow countrymen Darold Williamson, (44.27), Andrew Rock, (44.35) and Kerron Clement, (44.71). Jamaica’s Ricardo Chambers has run 44.62, and the home crowd will go crazy when the public announcer says Johan Wissman.

Wissman, who took silver at 200 metres at the European Championships in Gothenburg last year, set a Swedish record at 400 metres in Malmö, 2 July this year. The blond speedster equalled his 45.12 at the Golden Gala in Rome eleven days later.

Comfortable and relaxed, Jeremy Wariner cruises to a sizzling 44.02 victory in Osaka
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“I am very excited about running at DN Galan,” says Wissman. “The track is fast, the crowd enthusiastic and with a stellar field led by Jeremy Wariner it will be a heck of a race. I certainly hope to break 45 seconds for the first time in my life!”

Jeremy Wariner’s seasonal best came 2 May at the IAAF World Athletics Tour meeting in Osaka, Japan.

“There was hardly any wind because of the way the stadium is built.”

After winning the Adidas Classic at Carson, California May 20, with 44.60, Wariner was asked about his form.

Leg difficulties

“I am where I want to be. I ran 44.02 in my second race of the season. There are a few things I need to work on. I need to get my body healthier. I keep having the same problem with my legs in every meet. They are stiff when I warm up and I have to be worked on three times in stead of once or twice, so I need to take better care of my body. I’ll be ok if I just put everything together.”

What is the problem with your legs?

“I talked to my physical therapist and he said that I just have to make sure that I’m in line when I step out on the track. At the end of last season my thigh joint kept popping out of line, so that’s what’s been the problem.”

Looking for consistency

Wariner talks about the importance of running his race the same exact way this World Championship year and leading into the Olympic Games in Beijing 2008.

“So far I haven’t been consistent. In the first race I was slow out the first 200 metres and in the next one, (Osaka) I ran exactly how I wanted to and in Carson I was slow in the first 100 metres, so it’s kind of going back and forth. I just need to stay consistent in my races.”

Wariner enjoys cooking at home, but on the circuit he has been seen at burger joints.

“It’s my last resort, he chuckles. If I have nothing at the house to cook then I’ll either order some pizza or go somewhere. What I eat depends on what time I run. Sometimes if I race early in the day I eat breakfast, but if it’s a later meet in Europe, I usually have a pretty big breakfast and a light lunch.”

Lighter shoes

Can you comment on the new racing shoes that you are using?

“Well, they are a lot lighter than the ones I have been wearing. I’ll be getting a few more pairs before the World Championships. The whole spike plate is custom made and something no one else has seen or worn. The spike plate is real, real thin. I think they knocked off half to one ounce of the weight of the last pair I had.”

It will be interesting to see how the shoes matches the colour of the 1-carat diamond Jeremy hopes to get in Stockholm.

“I gave it to my mother Linda and she made a ring of it. She loves it and wears it every day. The first thing she said when I told her about it was ‘the diamond is mine’.”

Wariner loves his mom, but the next diamond is earmarked for himself!!!

Keijo Liimatainen for the IAAF

44.57 indoor. he really needs to stop hurdling and just do the flat.