How does one change the status of a thread to sticky? I think the ‘CF Strength Training Resume’ should be sticky at the top of the strength training forum. Perhaps this would help reduce the number of repetitive questions we get or at least it will give us a reference to point them towards.

On a related note, how does one make a thread un-sticky? There are a couple of threads in some of the forums that just don’t seem to deserve sticky designation, for example the ‘Rest Intervals for Plyometrics’ thread under the strength training forum…it appears that a number of threads got labeled sticky during the transition and this was never cleaned up.

  1. You may make a thread sticky as its being posted as an option. The problem with stickys is that they just linger around. Charlie has voiced his concerns over stickies and actually wants to get rid of them, with good reason.

The idea is to keep the threads moving, if the posts are hot…they will stay on top and in focus. If they lack the punch we want, they’ll normally 1) be deleted, 2) hit the archives after an extended stay on the site.

Hope this helps


I agree regarding the sticky’s lingering around. Not a big fan of them myself.

I think sticky’s have their place, but in minimal volumes. As xlr8 mentioned having the strength resume could be quite useful. Although some of the others that are in the various areas are really just taking up too much space and are of little interest ot anybody. Would it be possible to have the option to leave it up to your discretion Rupert?

Actually having the ‘articles’ section of the forum takes care of this quite nicely without the use of stickys.

BTW, if you are the moderator of a forum, you have the ability to stick or unstick a thread by clicking a check box at the bottom when you post a reply.