Steve Mullings

The Jamaican 4x100 might take a hit


Not surprise at all.

Nope. Saw it coming.

I got word that all athletes will be tested at Daegu and WADA is keeping all samples for profiling. Will be interesting to see if anyone ‘mysteriously’ pulls out prior to the event.

Testing Protocol at Daegu

Universal Sports Story on Mullings

Guess Tyson is lucky. lol

Notice that gay and padgett both pulled out of the us trials. hmmmmmmm

be very careful what you say or imply please. let’s keep this forum alive and a legal bill will not help that even if the Francis family win!

wow just saw this on this site :

I think we should honour Charlie by continuing to not discuss drug related matters or news.

Give me a break, it’s current events. What’s the big deal?

To me, it’s about respect and not going down a slippery slope.

Charlie started this forum and we didn’t discuss drugs as it was his website, his rules. He must have donated thousands of hours of his time in helping us. I would rather that we all respect his preferences because he is no longer around to tell us himself.

Already in this thread we’ve seen accusations. What is the point of them? I’d rather this forum don’t degrade into being like some of the rubbish I see elsewhere? Is the news relevant? Of course it is, but I come to this forum for help with my coaching and to learn from the experts that are generous enough to help. For drug discussions, there are other sites.

Go over to and looks at the waste of time their forums are. That to me is the best example of why not to discuss banned substances.