Stephanie Rice

LOLO may have some comp…

Well lolo never really interested me because of her negative backside, but this chick here is the worst. Her hips are as wide as her stomach. She is a dual sided ironing board.


Bottom of the 9th with bases loaded then I’d let her pleasure me with her mouth.

This doesn’t belong here.

If I typed it it does. You her father or is she your wifey, if not stay in your lane.

Listen dude,

I don’t know where you think you are, but that is some very disappointing behavior on your part. There is no need for misogyny on a track and field forum. Charlie had a certain idea of how people should conduct themselves here, and that’s why none of us need to wade through ten pages of crap to get to good information. You have lots of good info, and this only lowers your credibility.

Remember, this site is owned and operated by a woman.

Thank you!

My daughter also thanks you!

Wind your neck in

Low credibility huh? Ok sure. Like I said mind yours and I’ll mind mine. I’m sure you probably sent a pm to the powers that be. I didn’t know it was your job to police the site. You a hallway monitor? Either way, you don’t know what I meant by my comment. You just assuming you know. So please do me a favor and stop calling attention to yourself and drop it. Much appreciated.

chris, I think it is you who is out of line, here. perhaps it would be better to acknowledge that your comment was over the top and not in keeping with the tone of this forum and move on…

As I said before…drop it