Monday, April 2nd, 2012

morning easy session:

  • 10min warm up
  • 20min running
  • 20min drills and strides on grass


  • active recovery on hamstrings
  • relaxing massage on calves

(10min biking)

  • 40min run (20min easy progressively to 4.30/km and for the last 20min from 4.30/km down to 4.10/km)

(10min biking)

Tuesday, April 3rd, 2012

(humid, chilly and windy…)

(15min biking)

  • 20min warm up
    stretch, drill, stride

  • 5 x 80m w/head wind @11.1" down to 10.7" (walk back recoveries)
    (5min rest)

  • 5 x 60m @ 8.3, 8.3, 8.3, 8.0., 8.1
    (8min rest)

  • 1 x 400m @ 61" (30+31 splits). I’d say comfortable and no lactic acid.

cool down

(15min biking)

Wednesday, April 4th, 2012

(10min biking)

  • 25min run + 3 x strides
  • abdominals/lumbar/stretch

SPA: sauna-sauna-hamam (cold baths between)

(10min biking)

Thursday, April 5th, 2012

(15min biking)

  • Warm up, stretch, drill, stride

  • 5 x 200m w/3min rests. (asked to go 33-34 and progress to 30 for the 4th and then ‘all-out’ for the last), but went 30,32,31,30,29
    cool down, stretch

(15min biking)

Friday, April 6th, 2012

(15min biking)

  • Long warm up, good stretch

  • Drilling day and plyos and a few strides

(15min biking)


(10min biking)

  • Long warm up, stretch
  • Strength (upper body and leg press)
  • Abdominals/lumbar

Half hour spa (sauna-sauna-hamam) cold baths between

(10min biking)

Saturday, April 7th

OFF (that was actually after 15 days of training in a row)
(10min + 10min biking)

Sunday, April 8th

(10min biking)

  • 30min run
    (10min biking)

Monday, April 9th

morning: 20min run and drills

(10min biking)
evening: 35min run, abdominals, lumbar, stretching
(10min biking)

Tuesday, April 10th

(15min biking)

  • 15min warm up, stretch, drill, stride

  • 5 x 80m, walk back recoveries (@low 11s w/ head wind)
    (6min rest)

  • 5 x 60m, walk back recoveries (@low 8s)
    (8min rest)

  • 1 x300m @ 44.8

Annoyed with training. I need to find my own solutions.

(15min biking)

My solution… :
Evening EMS (starting a new cycle; strength session no.1)

  • explosive strength hamstrings
  • resistance hamstrings
  • active recovery hamstrings
  • relaxing massage calves

Wednesday, April 11th

(10min biking)

  • run: 12min warm up + 24min @4.30/km
  • 6 x 100m @14 (100m walk recoveries)
    10min cool down
    long stretch, abdominals and lumbar

Spa: (sauna-sauna-hamam) +cold in-between shower/baths

(10min biking)

Waiting for my training partner to come back from Easter vacation, so he can help me resolve my life at this period. (in all aspects) =)

Thursday, April 12th

(10min biking)

  • 20min warm up
  • strides

(10min biking)


  • hamstrings active recovery
  • calves relaxing massage

Friday, April 13th

(15min biking)

  • 15min warm up
    stretch, drill, stride

(15d Celsius)

  • 4 x 150m walk back recoveries @21.6, 21.5, 21.4, 21.4), 5min break
  • 1 x 150m @ 20.5

(Dear God, when will the speed come?)

(15min biking)


  • explosive strength hamstrings (strength session no. 2)
  • relaxing massage hamstrings

I love good steak.

Saturday April 14th

(10min biking)

  • 20min warm up

  • Weights (squats, squat jumps, pull ups, dips)

  • 30min drills + plyos on the fighting mats (barefoot). Wonderful. (p.s. raining these days).

(10min biking)

Sunday, April 15th
(Orthodox Easter)

Monday, April 16th
feeling like crap
(10min biking)

  • 20min easy run
  • abs/lumbar/ good stretch
    1hr chat-reflecting about existential problems
    (10min biking)

Tuesday, April 17th
4am :stuck_out_tongue: :

  • explosive strength hamstrings
  • active recovery hamstrings
  • strength quds
  • active recovery quads

(15min biking)

  • 15min warm up
    stretch, drill, stride
  • double leg hops upstairs: 6 x 25 hops, 5 x 25 hops, 5 x 25 hops
  • 1 x 300m @44.3 (i’ve sooo hit a wall)

Wednesday, April 18th
(10min biking)

  • 30min easy run
  • 6 x fast strides
    (10min biking)

What’s the plan from now on? Update. :slight_smile:

Thursday, April 19th
(15min biking)

Too cold for normal training (9 degrees), so we ran a ‘friendly race’ that was going on at the stadium, 3km long… :stuck_out_tongue:
My time: 11:26 (I didn’t kill myself. Just a bit of calf cramping in the end)

(15min biking)

Friday, April 20th

  • 25min very easy run

  • 30min drills on grass and strides

Saturday, April 21st, 2012

(15min biking)

cool down, stretching

(15min biking)

Nick, from the way things are looking, I’ll probably run my first race on May 4th? Then directly Greece 12-13 of May for the clubs championships.

I pulled a hamstring last Thursday.

Fixing it.

I pulled a hamstring last Thursday.

Fixing it.
you following Derek (Charlie’s) protocol at and ?

Thanks John !!! Reading now what you sent, and I’ll start applying =) So far I’ve done two injections for the inflammation (one per day), ice and voltaren creams. Did upper body training today (day 2). Biking felt painless from day 2, so I imagine it’s not so severe.

Any hope for me to go 100% on May 12t?

p.s. by “biking” I don’t mean a biking-workout, but simply transporting myself

what distance? I would suggest getting healthy was the number 1 priority and if you are right for the 12th then good, racing when you aren’t 100% could well make recovery much longer. Personally I would be wanting to be 100% by the 5th or 6th and make a decision then. On race day decisions are too influenced by emotion.

Good call =) 5th or 6th works fine with me, as a goal !

the 12th is the 400, and the 13th is the 200 (yikes) .

Sorry to read this, Stef! How did it happen? I’ve missed a few things, I guess…

IF you decide to race, I would go for one event, not back to back racing days. You are the one to assess the situation, but two races in two days seem much to ask from a recently pulled muscle -especially with the faster of the two on the second day.

I fully agree with John -No1 priority is fixing it for the rest of the season, not for 1-2 races on a weekend…

All the best for a swift recovery! look at Gofast’s post

Greattt John, I like that post =) (I think it’s the quantity that made me happy and mentally fulfilled =)) )

When do you think I should start?

This is my progress so far:

Day 1: pulled the hammie on the 5th 80m.
Applied ice almost immediately (after arguing with my teammate, because he made me angry before the incident, and I honestly believe he tensed me up too much for a speed session…). p.s. funny thing is… I pulled my hamstring on the rep that he decided to sit at the end-line and time me :stuck_out_tongue: A loadfull of tension… But of course, this is not the sole reason, this is a tense period for me, because I’m also angry with my coach for a number of reasons (his lack of ‘taking care’ of me, he never arranged me to run any competitions here, most of the attention was always on my teammate, because he’s like a son to him, and as always, I’m the ‘temporary’ athlete-visitor who is off somewhere else later on so noone ever cares too much… , and a number of other things), and i’m also leaving Milan soon (in 10 days), so there’s much going on in my head, even subconsciously. It’s another transitional phase for me, unconveniently. Anyhow !! This is life. (Nick , this probably also answers your question ! :slight_smile: )
Kept icing.
Voltaren puncture before sleep.

Day 2 (Friday):
Just a bit of biking (transportation purposes), which felt almost completely fine (98%), unlike the day before.
Voltaren puncture before sleep and votaren + icey/hot cream

Day 3 (Saturday):
Biked to the gym pain-free.
Gym: Upper body workout and abs.
EMS: glutes and calves (pulsing)
Biked back.
Voltaren pill before sleep and votaren + icey/hot cream

Day 4 (Sunday):
Biked to the gym pain free.
Treadmill @4.5-5km/hr: alternating walking with jogging for 25’. No problems
40min of drills: (a whole lot of single leg A skips, also ended up doing running A skips with no problems. Satisfied =) )
abdominals and stretching (but not the hammie)
30min swimming (breastroke)
30min SPA (sauna+cold, hydromassage)
Biking more this day, no problems.
(stopped the voltaren because now I need to know if it’s masking any pain)
votaren + icey/hot cream

Day 5 (Monday) - today
this morning:
15min jogging with no problems
10min drills on grass
7 x 30-40m strides (grass). Just some tightness here, so then walked home.

I’m anxious… When could I start the 16-24 100s??

given like you I only have what Gofast posted to go by it looks to me that asap but staying within the parameters is key.

I’ve never applied such a recovery protocol, so I can’t comment… Is there a chance for some assessment from a physio you know s/he is reliable?

I understand the situation, but ‘losing control’ of it doesn’t help… :slight_smile:

Repeat day 5 for at least another 2 days. But with addition of say 4x100, then 8 x100. take a rest day. Then go for 16-24x100 - this is a pretty tough protocol unless you get there via a progression.
if you get discomfort during the progression, stop and take a step back in volume and intensity. I am not a physio just personal experience. A knowledgeable therapist will be able to feel if the inflamation has gone or not.
Good luck !!

I know it’s physios’ job, but I feel I’ve been through this so many times, I have enough experience to judge by myself, really… (If I had gone to a physio every time I had a problem, I’d be in debt now.)

This sounds good. And of course progression and self-judgement are obviously the key…

With that said…

Day 5 continued today… :stuck_out_tongue: So are you sure you still want me to repeat Day 5 for the next 2 days? :stuck_out_tongue:

(voltaren+icey/hot rubbing throughout the day)

25min active recovery on glutes
25min relaxing massage on calves


(10min biking)
20min warm up (starting very slowly at 6km/hr and up to 10km/hr)
then: 20min faster running , 10min 10km/hr up to 14km/hr, and then another 10min at 14 steadily. The more I was running the better it felt. (meaning not that I was in pain, but I felt some of the tightness being released).

(I know it sounds like an exaggeration, but I’m being very careful in paying attention to how it feels, really).

(10min biking)


  • 25min quads very light strength
  • 25min + 25min relaxing massage calves

sleeping with my voltaren rubs etc…