Sunday, June 5th

Time is fast.

1hr biking in the rain, to get the rain out of my head

My legssss hurt from lack of my normal trainin. I can barely sit for 15min straight =O

Despite all that, things are good :slight_smile:

EMS: 25min strength on glutes. EMS on glutes turns me on… It’s not so practical.

Travel to Athens on Tuesday :slight_smile:

Is everything OK? What happened with those x-rays?

Hope you’re feeling better.

Yes, sorry for the delay in reply :slight_smile:
X-rays did not show a stress fracture, yippeeeeeeeeeee , but it’s tendonitis, so now trying to get rid of that, by training on soft surfaces (which doesn’t bother it), taking voltaren and ems-ing calves.
Most of the training so far has been tempo (100s, also tried 300s the other day with no problems), and some weights.

Monday, 6th:
Still in Milan: 15min biking, 15min biking tempo and 1hr weights

Tuesday, 7th: (fly to Athens)
30min run, 2 strides (strides were a little uneasy on the foot)

Wednesday, 8th:
15min warm up
20x100m tempo runs on grass, jog 100m recoveries (all excellent)

Thursday; 9th:
10min warm up
4 x 300m (not timed)
10 x 100m

20min run

Friday, 10th:
10min warm up
7 x 300m tempo (1:00-1:30rests)

Saturday, 11th
went to watch a track meet
warmed up and cooled down with a friend

Excellent. :smiley:

Sunday, 12th

  • 10min warm up
  • tempo:
    (total 2600m)

Monday, 13th

  • 30min warm up/run
  • many drills (grass)
  • 3 x 100m runs on grass

Tuesday, 14th (all in a park; dirt surface, and a number of turns)
-15min warm up, stretch, strides

  • 4 x 500m @1:45, 1:42, 1:42, 1:41, w/50" rests (yikessss) >this was done in a group, and can only be done this way :stuck_out_tongue: (lactic in the end… )
    5min rest
  • 1x200 @30" , 3.5’ rest
  • 1x200 @28.5"
    (total 2400m)

cool down

Foot is fine while running (on softer surfaces), however there is still inflammation there, as it hurts if I poke it.

Blood tests tomorrow as part of a research :stuck_out_tongue:

Good news, Stef!!!

Wednesday, 15th
morning: 10min warm up, drills and 8 x 100m on grass, slightly uphill

evening blood test, as part of a research, they filled 1 bottles, I almost passed out. I HATE giving blood.

Attempted to train in the evening: FAILED (way too tired).

Thursday, 16th

40min run (I had planned to do tempo, but it was too humid and wet and I didn’t want to go faster)

Sorry for the lack of spice in this journal lately… I’m trying to recover my tendonitis ! And… I’m in a ‘laconic’ kind of phase…!! Feeling good.

Hope you’re doing better Stefanie. :slight_smile:

((double post))

I soooo lost track of training !!! I’ve been pretty much training, but then Copenhagen conference got in the way, and I had no sessions for 5 days straight =oooo and resumed again today.
I’m not sure if I can make it to nations (end of July), I’ll see how things go in the next three weeks !!!

Sorry about the lack of posting (to myself as well )

Copenhagen was nice. The only problem was going from a 35 degree Athens to a 12 degree Copenhagen, and now I have a cold (or whatever), so it’s pretty annoying.

I’m in Thessaloniki at the moment !!!
Yesterday I traveled from Copenhagen (breakfast) to Dusseldorf (lunch) to Milan (dinner). This morning I made it home, at last =)))

My tendonitis is much much better now (especially after giving it a break at the conference).

Every coach on earth that I meet, tells me what a good potential I have, as long as I succeed in keeping my training uninterrupted, and injury-free… This is the biggest challenge for me, considering my hectic reality of a non-existent ‘base’.

I would like to get some self-satisfactory results regardless.

GOing to sleep now =)))

I would like to keep posting, but I’m afraid of some screaming and yelling, regarding what I have in mind for the next three weeks of training, as ‘experimentation’ in case I eventually feel ready to compete.

(I completed my 5th publication during the course of this phd :slight_smile: ) yayy. A sixth one is also a given, and probably will prepare this 7th one as well. I think 7 is ok? :slight_smile:


I don’t know if some (forum-oldies) of you remember Krasnayafleur who used to have a journal here several years ago, but I thought it would be truly inspirational to post this video, which was broadcasted about 4 (?) years ago
(she’s currently an assistant coach, and ‘chasing’ the track thingy professionally, in the heptathlon).

good on her, wasn’t Herb her Coach? From memory she came to NZ for a while.

You trained after giving blood… You’re one tough cookie…lol I gave blood before and I was too weak to do anything. I wouldn’t even think about training. :slight_smile:

I remember Herb posting in her journal, not sure if he was her coach, or just a friend.
NZ? No clue :slight_smile:

This journal is out of track !!!
I still have tendonitis near the achilles, and I’m just not sure if I should run through it normally, or continue my training on softer surfaces, as I have been doing, and then just run a few meets in September, for reminding myself what competition feels like. I was positive until now that I should not stress it any further (with spikes etc), because that exacerbates the pain, but yesterday I went to the central stadium of Thes/niki and a couple of girls implied that ‘everyone has tendonitis’ at some point, but who really cares… I know that if you don’t take care of this sort of injury right away, it tends to stick with you long term.
Yesterday I was also told that I look really fit and when my next meet is going to be… oh boy.
I become so influenced and carried away sometimes.
On the other hand… what a WASTE of training if one’s not gonna run something in the end. Not that I feel this way, as I love training and it will continue to be my lifestyle probably for the rest of my life, but I do love competing so so much… I just like doing it when I feel good, otherwise it’s a drag. “winning is not everything, but losing does damage” or something like this :stuck_out_tongue:

Yesterday was 500m MB abs and some tempo (4x300s and 10x100s) on grass, and some speed in the end. The day before yesterday was 10x15m, 10x20m tempo on track with very short recoveries, to test my leg, things were fine. The day before that was a strong 35min run and that was fine too. Only yesterday was a bit problematic.

Today I’ve been chopping land, planting bushes and collecting rocks for 4 hours (believe me when I say how TIRED I feel !!) I’m going to do a long tempo at night.

What on EARTH am I training for now? Probably the traditional mountain race on August 15th that I run every year? =P and working on 400m aspects on the grass, as much as I can. I do want to enter myself somewhere… I’m jealous of all these competitions.

Sorry if this post has been all over the place! I’ve been listening to the news at the same time, trying to follow Greece’s economic downfall =p

100m001, attempting to train after giving blood was ‘brave’ but stupid? :stuck_out_tongue:

^^^^lol :slight_smile:

Wow… Good for her. Wish her all the best.

How have you been doing, Stefanie? Hope everything is OK.

Hi myway! Thanks for asking, things are fine! Tendonitis is gone after going to the sea a number of times, swimming and playing beach tennis on the sand :slight_smile: and of course still training every day - sometimes twice a day. But I decided not to do any sprint competitions this summer, as I just got rid of my problem (completely), and all that’s left is nationals this Friday. I’m certainly not gonna go show up in nationals all of a sudden :stuck_out_tongue:

I apologize for not posting, but I am also working on my website at this time of the year, which is taking quite some time.

Feel free to take a look, if you care to look at some artwork, and some random blog-posts here and there:

I’ll be back here ! I’m discussing with a few people what kind of training structure I should follow for the upcoming fall. I’d also like to find some competitions in the early fall, as my fitness levels are pretty good at the moment, and I need stronger speed stimuli.

Great to hear from you and that things are getting better… Very nice website you set up, I registered an account there, looking really good. :slight_smile:

2.5 years later…
I’m sometimes sorry I discontinue this journal, but other times I’m so tired of thinking how nice it would be if I wrote everything down, that it becomes more of a burden. So maybe I’ll write here and there, but some things feel like family , and this board is one thing that comes pretty close, especially with certain individuals!

I would like to think that this is my ‘final straight’ for my phd. The minimum allowable time to finish is 3 years, and that will be this coming February - if not, then I will present in February of 2013.
I’ll do everything I can to finish in the 6 months ahead.
These past 2.5 years have been truly fulfilling, from many points of view. I met tons of new people, trained for a day with Charlie Francis, got engaged to Dejan :slight_smile: (some of you followed bits and pieces of this story when it started early in 2009), - technically I now have four more siblings (!!) visited tons of new cities, in Italy, Spain, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Denmark, Turkey, France - some for conferences (got awarded the best paper internationally in one), most for fun. I studied a LOT, read a LOT and wrote a LOT, made projects… Completed 44 paintings (I just counted them!),. My oldest sister got married… she is now pregnant and I will be an aunt in December =) My middle sister opened a new english school - I made all the graphic design for their notebooks/folders/school sign/school doors/business cards/advertising pamphlets/envelopes… My parents finished building their new home in the suburbs so now we have an “extra” place to go to and rest in nature and close to the sea. I’ve participated in my first mountain races (three times) and have run as long as 15km :o , and completed my longest time-span run of 1 hour and 25min.
I’ve split a 25" 200 in a 400m race (and then did not finish haha), and I’ve pr’ed in the 150m in training in 18.3secs. (yipee) And I also have a new website (some of the posts on the home page have been ‘stolen’ from my own posts on this journal here, in which I found myself philosophizing on things that I still have in mind… )

That has been the last 2.5 years. Maybe I’ve forgotten a lot or a little, but a lot has happened and most of it was fun…

I’m going to Milan again on MOnday, for an expanded period of 6 months (with short breaks in between for random events in Greece), and I will be training with the Sicilians.

I’ll try to keep this thread updated, because I like it…

Feel free to write whenever and whatever.