static stretching hip flexors before 40 yd dash?

I have read that it is a good idea to static stretch your hip flexors before a vertical jump test, but what about before running a 40 yard dash. I ask this question because usually when I am tested the VJ is first followed by the 40, but I can easily have this switched around if aggressively static stretching the hips will lead to decreased 40 yard dash performance

thank you

What exactly is a hip flexor? I know one kept Marion Jones from competing in the U.S Nationals.

The main hip flexor is the iliopsoas which divides into two parts, the iliac and great psoas.

When the hip flexor contracts it causes a bend at the hip joint.

Joe Defranco Has Stated That U Do Not Want To Static Stretch The Hip Flexor Before U Sprint, But Martin Rooney Has Used Ais For The Hips

Most current research says that you should not perform static stretching prior to activity as to it leads to a decrease in power.

I am sure there is research out there that says just the opposite. It is your personal feel. If you do better with stretches, do them.

I belive hip flexors are tight for a reason. So let them stay that way! Obviously if you have unusually tight hip flexors then they need flexability training.

U Dont Think U Should Use Dynamic Flexibility At Least

I suppose you can if you want, but i have yet to do any real research on the hip flexors and flexability pros + cons (of the HF).

I have no complaints against someone doing them, but i on the otherhand have to know pretty much everything about what im doing before i do it.

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If I recall correctly Defrancos reasoning for static stretching the hip flexors is because the hip flexors don’t “aid” in the vertical jump (are not the prime mover)but they do in fact create friction because they are often a shortened muscle much of the time due to lifestlye and daily activity. On his site in his vertical jump artical he explians this further.

i always thot u should stretch ur hip flexor before sprinting just so u dont pull it or fuck it up

Zach - Unless you are someone who needs to static stretch to feel ready, most research (as someone mentioned earlier) says it doesn’t help performance. Try just doing dynamic stretches if possible.
As Quik mentioned, Defranco says the hip flexors actually resist the explosive extension at the hip. That is why they static stretch the hip flexors.

I guess my question is does the hip flexor resist sprinting at all?

Anything that increases hip mobility should have some value to sprinting.

I would also like to know the answer to this. Also does it resist horizontal jumping as it does vertical?

the same concept applies to horizontal jumping as in the standing broad jump according to defranco as well as martin rooney. the hip flexors do resist on the horizontal jumps the same as the vertical jumps. but it would be unwise to apply the method to sprinting. the hip flexors play a big role in sprinting and the recovery of the leg. you don’t want to put the hip flexors to sleep before you sprint, as you do in the single response jumps.

Avoid this statement:

“Never static stretch muscles before activity because it reduces maximal voluntary contraction, etc., etc., blah blah blah.”

Once again, Charlie is the guiding light here. Typically a sequence (or combination) of static stretching, PNF patterns, and dynamic flexibility work well as a warm-up. The important thing about movement preparation methodology is to get what you’re looking for from the activity selected. If you’ve got tight hip flexors and you leave them tight, good luck getting any significant hip extension. If you then stretch your hip flexors (statically or passively) and they relax too much to work effectively during your run, you’ve once again screwed yourself. If the athletes hip flexors are “tight”, stretch the damn things and move on to another activity (dynamic flexibility, PNF, etc.) that will help prepare them (the hip flexors) for the sprint.

And the hip flexors aid in sprinting because they relax (dynamically) to allow full extension of the hip and contract to create knee lift.

“Luck favors the prepared.”

well if you have tight hip flexors, you should be working that issue outside of your warmup.

i have started doing hip flexor stretching gentlly for about 10mins at a time because my hip flexors are really tight and i cant get a full leg extention with out my bum sticking out when i run. but i have found that they tend to feel tighter after stretching and for most of the day. do you think that is just because they are really unflexable and they are like fighting agianst being stretched and cant relax.
do you think this is the best ways to increase flexability? should i stretch for longer or shorter, or do pnf or dynamic stretching


Active and Passive Flexibility

Flexibility Deficit

EQI - Eccentric Quasi-Isometrics


Try hip extension exercises (floor bridges, single-leg floor bridges, etc.) in combination with your stretching and see if that helps at all. But, yes, if your hip flexors are very tight, they will resist the stretch more.