starting up again. HELP

I am 41yo returning to the sport after a 10year lay off. I was told about this site and after searching through it I have come up with a program for myself that I would like some feedback on.
I am training for 100m and 200m.
My program would look something like this

tempo, 10x100m @60% effort with walkback recovery
short hills 2x4x30m @90% inceasing up to 100% over the weeks
Bench press,squats,push press,lat pulldown.
4 sets of 4-8 reps
2x6x60m at 75% building up to 95% as my body adjusts to the workload.
incline press,front squats,hang clean,seated row 4 sets of 4-8 reps
I look forward to any help with this.

hi, nice to see your giving it a go.

Sat session, i would for now change to similiar to what your are doing on tues, hills.

are you able to add in another tempo session? perhaps on thurs with the weights, perhaps just after the weights? tis only goto be for 15-20min of tempo.

A great dvd you can have a look at is the GPP dvd. It will explain a lot. in actual practice
to know how the system is worked, a copy of the CTFS training manual will help, as a lot is covered in there, and the forum generally discusses from there.

Nice to see your giving it a go. It will help your muscles, flexability, joints and general well being. You will feel great from doing it. Also, the ctfs and gpp dvd are not just for advanced uses, they cover the basics anybody need getting into the speed really needs to read, or watch.

I will adjust the saturday session
I have a copy of cfts but thought the dvd was for elite athletes. As I am old I wasnt sure how to structure the prorame.
I do have recovery issues as added tempo mat tire me out . I can only see how it goes.

i would suggest something like this-

wednesday-hills(or your sat session)
thursday-yoga+tempo(something to flush you out)

reasons for 4tempo sessions(if this programme is suitable timewise) is fitness vs recovery.i would rather focus on tempo at your level due to your time-out and tempo would be great for you in all aspects.for this time of the year i would do hill sessions 2-3 times per week as they are great for re-educating proper mechanics.
as for weights i really would not be worried about-worry about fitness(tempo) and some speed but gradual increases ok

thanx xman,
I think that is way to much volume for me, what would you suggest would be the content of each of the sessions as training 6 days a week I think would be overdoing it.

When beginning hills are they done in flats for say the 1st 4 weeks then progress to spikes for another 4-6 weeks.for the 30m hills I had 3mins rec between runs and 6mins rec between sets. so many questions.

I find a good split is 2 on 1 off 3 on 1 off then every 3rd week reduce reduce the volume and have say 2 on 1 off 2 on 2 off. It’s tricky to find a balance between enough and not too much.