Starting from Blocks

I’m interested in knowing what technique you use when blasting out of the blocks.

Do you push with both legs then drive hard? Do you push with the lead and drive the trail leg forward? Or a combination of both?

I’ve been experimenting with different styles, and seem to get the best result with pushing with both legs (although sometimes I’m not very stable on my first couple of strides).

the fastest way to get out from the blocks is to lift your lead arm as CF continuously teaches.please do not concentrate on pushing off both blocks as this is a natural occurance once your 2feet are in contact with the blocks.

You need to get the Speed and Strength 1 DVD. It has absolutely loads of info on starting from blocks. You can read all you want but as soon as you see Charlie going through it with athletes all becomes clear…

See my review here:

As X-man says focus on arms rather than legs; legs will follow and fall into the right place…

Agreed. Tonnes of stuff on blocks.

Also, my experience with teaching/learning starts has led me to emphasise the importance of block setup.

Once this is in place, most of athletes will follow a simple ‘lead-arm’ cue, which in turn puts them in the correct position to exit the blocks and accelerate smoothly.

Cool thread…can anyone go a little more into the whole “lead arm” thing? Why does focusing on that lead to better form overall?

What are good arm mechanics coming out of the blocks?

Being an ex 400/800 guy, block work was always an after thought. Now that I’ve moved down to 200/400, I find that blocks are my Achilles heel. Sometimes I get out well, other times I feel like I would have been better off with a standing start :eek:.

Chris30 told me about the importance of arms, but I find I have to make a conscious effort to drive those @#$% arms. On the rare occasion though, I get it right and wow … what a difference it makes.

Thanks for the tip on the DVD … I’ll have to break down and make the investment :).

You don’t want to put too much pressure onto your arms while in the set position. You are looking for the fastest possible way to move it forwards, which is from the floor straight forwards and slightly bent at elbow; not up (to release the pressure) and then forwards and not as a straight arm…
Get the Fundamentals, if you can… :wink:
Hope it helps!