Start a Training Journal and WIN BIG

To all members and new signups

We are having a best training journal contest, for those who already have a journal and for those thinking about starting one- now is the time.

In our forums main gallery, we have a section called “My Training Journal”- just open one up to qualify for the contest. All current journals are entered by default.

For the next 30 days we will be reviewing all journals and will short list the ones we like best and let you decide who wins our best package to date. We are giving the winner a $100 dollar gift certificate to be used at our online store.

So get it on it. The contest starts TODAY.


Cool, I like :slight_smile:

Any updates from this competition? There are some very good journals out there :slight_smile:

You just want an update b/c you know you’re gonna win . . .

Noooo, I want an update because I want to suck in the pleasurable joy of the winning journalist winning a fabulous CF prize… :o

Dear Members

We let this go a bit longer because we wanted to give people time to signup and get used to our forums. That being said, I think its time for nominations. Please post your favorite journals here (and you may vote for yourself). After we have compiled a decent list of Journals we’ll post them for a vote.

Good luck all!


Slow White Boy.

It’s all about me

Yes, with apologies to notorious squirrel, chupacabras, John and others whose journals I love, Stefanie is number one. It’s not just a training journal but a life journal. :smiley:

The Road to D-1 Basketball Walk-on Glory

WRCortese5’s training 2.0

Sky’s The Limit in 08
Road to Walk-On Glory
Slow White Boy
Python and Co.
TWhite03 Training Log
Juggler’s Training

Why not, I’ll vote myself too :cool:

yeh yeh, she got your vote bc shes a girl. lol:)

I second tam’s notion!

By the way, my vote goes to WRCortese’s journal. I’m sorry my other brothers.

rep points for that :wink:

I plead guilty, your honor.

Oh come on now… :rolleyes:
If I were Stefanos, you would still read me, that’s how exciting I am :smiley:

Thats too funny, typical female these days…

That’s too funny, no one who knows me has ever called me “typical” :stuck_out_tongue:

Maybe I should get to know you before I go running my mouth. lol