St. Kitts

Charlie and others,

I’m getting married this weekend and going on my honeymoon to St. Kitts. We will be there for 8 days and while I don’t plan on doing much training at all, I was curious as to what was available to me.

Can anyone give me a rundown of the island itself, things to see/avoid, potential training options etc?

I’m pretty sure there’s a first class track there now because they hosted a meet recently (wasn’t there in the old days)

Congrats and wish you the best. Welcome to hell! :wink:

There is a traditional honeymoon activity that, depending on the relationship between you and your wife, could get your heart rate up into the training zone. You could even do two-a-days, or more. :wink:

I agree, that actviity has taken the place of my tempo sessions.:wink:

I considered including that in my original post but I was certain that one of you would pick up the slack for me. The only thing I’m concerned about is moving past the 75% threshold into intensive work!

At most I’ll probably do some general strength circuits, get massaged and maybe do some buildups on the packed sand.

Charlie, you mentioned doing sprints from the water to the shore, can you elaborate on this?

Find a spot on the beach where you can go from waist deep water to shore in around 15 meters and do drills as you would for a warm-up or power speed session on land. The added resistance gives you a great workout.

Just tell your wife “nothing between 70% and 95%.”

If it gets past 70%, it has to keep going past 95%.

But won’t she be doing the grading?

As we all know, effort does not always translate directly to results, for better or for worse.