squat pains

ok every excercise is fine except the squat which is my fav. When i get to the bottom parallel of squat i recruit the hams where i feel strong pull of the hamstrings (my left ham) and even more so on the adductors. Now both my adductors are tight as hell, my ART eleviates them but they persist even with stretching. I think it might get better but to prevent this if everything is fine and dandy how would i reevaluate how i squat to not overdue doing adductors. SHould i narrow my stance?

Another thing is scar tissue from appendicitis, hip flexor strains, and a short right leg. Problem after problem sigh man the hips and thigh are a bitch to heal. ALthough things are somewhat fine and dandy i want to get back to my squats. Adductors primarly as they are out of wack as of now.

The adductor problem could be due to short muscle length and/or scar tissue. If so, and until they are stretched long enough and scar tissue mobilised sufficiently, you could decrease the depth of the squat, narrow the stance or turn the feet moreso towards the centre line if they are pointing outwards. Make sure it is a comfortable position though.

The hip flexors could also be due to tightness or scar tissue. Psoas major also also medially rotates the hip so this could be a possible problem muscle, not exactly sure though. Anyway same applies, lengthen and mobilise any scar tissue and change squat stance/depth.

Short right leg? Heel on a plate?

Check with a good physio anyway

hmm yeah. i dont have scar tissue on adductors but i have internal scar tissue and alot of it from apendicitis surgery. It prevents my external/internal obliques from really working and it bothers my hip flexors cause they get overworked. I just have hard time finding out when this shit heals or how to make it heal optimally.

I would have thought that the scar tissue from the surgery would take a few months to settle down and find its form ie. mobilised sufficiently to prevent pain occuring when sprinting etc. Keep training but within pain limits.