Squat hip belt

Just got my squat hip belt from iornmind.com Its well made and sturdy. I will let you guys know how it works when I use it tonight. I might do pool then some legs…

Their belt is definitely a nice piece of equipment made of tough webbing that you wouldn’t ever expect to break. However, I’ll be interested to hear how you like it. I returned mine after a few days because I had a lot of issues with its use. The problems were as follows:
-belt cuts into hips/upper legs
-balance with the webbing to the barbell is difficult…the loaded barbell or EZ Curl bar wants to swing around and hit your legs
-starting in the down position is very awkward…you could use a rack or boxes or something to start in the standing position, but when you begin the movement off the box the barbell will swing and just generally be a pain in the ass
-movement is very quad dominant, not hamstring/posterior chain

I did some research into EZ Curl bar load limits when I was approaching this method of squatting. Some load limits of common curl bars:
-York item #225505 5 foot black oxidized Olympic curl bar (700lbs.)
-Hampton EZ Curl bars (no rating, bar has lifetime warranty)
-Cap OB-47 the bar that’s in every sporting goods store (255lbs.)

Doesn’t sound like a nice piece of equipment any more! How much were you squatting?I was thinking of trying it with just the plates putting a plate under each foot to get a deep squat. I did not think it would be quad dominant but, you might be right since the wieght is no longer forcing the hams to stabilize the hips??? I wont be going over 300 lbs for now.

Tried it w/100 lb plates not too bad but the starting point is a little awkward. I guess its ok if you have a bad back or a problem with your upper body. I felt it more in the quads but I balanced it out with some wieghted GHRs.

Al Vermiel at the Chicago Bulls had a platform for this withthe weights attached straint down from the middle of the belt. It worked very nicely but was a serious bit of equipment! (all-metal with stairs up to the platform, railings, the whole bit)


Interesting… even if I were to have something like that made, its still a helluva lot cheaper than the louie simmons belt squat machine. Thanks for the info :smiley:

Maybe I’m not describing this thing well enough. You walked up about 5 steps to a height of about 4 feet (remember these are Basketball guys and the drop must be sufficient) The whole thing must have weighed tons!


That sounds like a whole different animal…


I have been using the belt. I have to agree with you its more trouble than its worth. I feel very awkward and to be honest silly with that huge bar in my A$$ crack. If I had a platform like the one charlie mentioned it would be worth it. I still cant do squats b/c of a recent shoulder surgery so I going to substitue them with leg presses.