Sprints for hockey.

I wanna insert sprint in my summer program but I would like to know what kind of sprint I should so for which distances ect… so it can be as specific as possible for hockey

Hill sprints are very similar to the skating motion – High knee lift and longer ground contact times. I’d do 30-50m runs with full recoveries.

flat sprints from 10-55/60m. start with around 3 minutes rest between reps. Specific as possible for hockey means exactly for you to stay under 60m with your sprints. You will get more speed with that than you will use in the arena.

Are you doing weights? Tempo? How many days a week are you on the ice? What level of competition are you at. How old are you? What sort of training background do you have?

Exactly. You have to think about how long you can sprint in hockey which is probably 5-6 seconds and transfer that to the track and the max you’d want to do is 60 m.

Give us the info that Herbert asked for and we’ll be able to give you more advice.

Yes, I’m doing weights, right now I’m on ice everyday, I play Jr.A, I’m 17

It’s tough to get in quality training when you’re on the ice everyday. You playing in Ontario? Things that you can do everyday would be ab work. You could also do sprints before your ice session so that you would be fresh for them. Weights after the ice session would be optimal but they could be done before.

Depending on how bad your team is, your season could be over soon. I would get the CFTS book and the GPP dvd and follow those training methods over the summer.

Do you have links of where I can buy the CTFS book and the GPP DVD?