im currently a sprinter in ncaa division II conference with personal bests of 7.00(60m), 10.88(100m) and 22.24 (200m). These times surprised me because I particularly did not train very hard at all in regards to sprints or weights. I am 20 years old, 5"10 and about 165lbs. I want to begin training right now but I dont have any meets until january. I also will be competing in outdoor in april. Does anyone have any good suggestions for a possible weight training program for the next couple of months and also a sprint program which will benefit me (also during competition). Thanks everyone.

I highly suggest the CFTS ebook, helped me out tons.

i second that…
best purchase you can make.

Which DII school?

What book is it???
Training for Speed???
im waiting for my paypal account to come in so i can get my member number off my credit card statement… i want to get a paperback book, is there any available???//

yes “training for speed”