Sprinting form

Well i got my face loose, i got my hips up, i got my shoulders relaxed, but my stride is too short at top speed, my training partner told me im not “stepping over” like a hurdle, im just focusing on the knees and not the lower leg…

Now i know exactly what he means, instead of extending the lower leg to gain more stride length i’m hitting ground with an over flexed knee.

In tempo runs i do this perfectly because i dont care about frequency, but in an all out 80m for example, i’m not stepping over completly to get more frequency.

What can I do about it ? just focus on good stride even if i feel frequency is too low ?

Doing flying 20’s with a focus on feeling like your stepping over a high box (or a hurdle as you mentioned). Don’t try to reach though, step over and drive your leg down into the ground. Focus on the vertical more then the horizontal (aka: reaching…which is bad).

thanks !! ill try the flying 20 right away
btw, this is probably the art form of what im talking about…


any other suggestions ?