Sprinter*mt (Masters Track) Results

FYI: 42 yr old male sprinter - Ran High School Track 1979 - Came back to track 2001. PB - 100m - 11.69 (2003) 200m - 23.90 (2003) - Some injuries along the way: 2003 ended the outdoor season with a sprained arch - 2004 tore left calf in Badger State Games 100m final, 6 steps into the race. And a nagging right hamstring tendon attachment that’s always there but does not limit me much.

Badger States Games Finishes- 2001 - 100m 3rd place (30 - 39), 2002 - 100m - 1st, 200m - 2nd (40 - 49), 2003 100m - 1st, 200m - 1st (40 - 49), 2004 - 100m - DNF.

Hoping to over come injuries and old age for 2005!

2005 University of Wisconsin Twilight Open
5/7/05 Madison, WI

100m - 12.23 FAT - took 5th in my heat and placed 28th out of 32 mainly DIII college guys, some DI and open sprinters. Yes, I was easily the oldest one there. :stuck_out_tongue:

The top 4 in my heat included UW’s Demi Omole - 10.39 who took 1st, and 1st overall and UW’s Jvontai Hanserd 10.60 who took 2nd, and 2nd overall. 4th place in my heat ran a 10.98, then me and two guys behind me at 12.48 and 12.54. Just my luck to be in that heat - Thank God my heat also included some slower guys like myself. I promised my wife (and myself) when I start to finish last in these college meets I will retire or stick to the masters stuff. I don’t want to be “that old guy” trying to hang on - OK maybe I already am but I’m in great shape and most people don’t guess I’m as Old as I am.

200m - 25.42 FAT - Took 1st in my heat and 43 out of 50 overall. Not happy with my time, but it felt great to win my heat which included a 33 yr old masters guy and the rest DIII guys. Not bad as I feel as the college guys are starting to peak and this is my 1st race of the year. I’m glad they seeded the 200 fasted to slowest. Demi Omole took 1st in the fastest heat in 20.77. If I ran in that heat I may have retired right there and tossed the spikes in the garbage.

I know I need to work on my speed but more on my speed endurance. The 2nd place guy in my 200m race started to pull up next to me at 160m. My head started leaning back and my chest sort of heaving upwards, losing knee drive, luckily I felt this happening and was able to pull myself into a more upright posture where I could drive through the last 30m and pull away. Best thing is I came out healthy and with a renwed vigor to train hard.

7 weeks to the Badger State Games where I intend to take back my 100 & 200m titles!

Cool post.

I’ll be watching this with interest as I will be competing later this year for first time ever at age 43 :eek: I don’t expect my results to be anywhere near as good as yours and don’t even have a 100 or 200 PB :smiley:

What sort of reaction did you get from the young uns?

Good job sprinter. We seem to have similiar times, although I am 2 years younger, so good work! Keep at it bro.

Thanks John - Good Luck and let me know when you run. I see you’re from New Zealand - that’d be a cool place to visit. Too much $$$ for me.
As for it being your first race, just relax and enjoy it. Each time I run I get so pumped up - nerves - adrenaline -psyched up/out/“o” hard to capture that feeling anywhere else… When the race is done regardless of your time/place just take time to appreciate having the opportunity and your hard work.
I’ve read that an average masters athlete can take three years or more to reach their potential, depending on their starting condition.

As for the young uns - most don’t seem to react one way or the other. Unless I happen to beat them. Mostly I think they respect the effort when I tell them how “old” I am. I’ve gotten to know some of them as I compete quite often during the indoor season. There’s alot of small DIII colleges in Wisconsin and some of the track coaches know me and let me compete in their meets. I train indoors during the winter at UW-Oshkosh, about 30 minutes from home.
The best reactions come not from the young uns, but their parents. Usaully “what the heck are you doing out there???” kind of look. Some come up after I run and tell me to keep carrying the banner for the elders.

Thanks Johnny - Where are you from? Knowing how hard it can be to train and balance life and all, I think this is a great venue to find the encouragement we veterns need from time to time. I train alone and standing at the 200m mark trying to kick yourself in the behind to run it during training can be tough some days…

I’m from British Columbia-a little ways from Wisconsin. But at our age the track world gets smaller and smaller… I’m glad you get the same thrill out of it that I do. It’s actually priceless to me as a pastime. Keep going strong.

Cheers, Johnny

Thanks for the encouragement Sprinter, it is coming into winter here and no indoor season so racing will be start around Oct-Nov. The NZ Masters Games are in the city I live in next Feb so that is the main focus. I don’t expect anything too great and the main thing as you say is to enjoy it. :smiley:

Congrats and great writeup :slight_smile:

My first meet is coming in a couple weeks. I can’t wait! :slight_smile: