What are the types/distance in 8-12 weeks Preseason of acceleration/sprint training for a 5-35 mt in football?

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Maybe I’m a little slow this morning, but what do you mean by “5-35”?

Let me know and I can put some info up for you over the next week.

Sprints of 5 and 35 metres…thanx.

Wasn’t you a soccer player???.. Even I have come to terms that “Football” on these boards means American Football…

Sorry Davids. Can’t help you with anything other than American Football.

Can you help me for football(no soccer)?

I would like to help you, but there is no secret, or magic exercise that suddenly see’s you propelling past your team mates from 5-30m, it just doesn’t work like that. There are so many factors to consider.

If I was to give you any advice it would be to research, then reasearch some more, use trial & error for what works, discard the reseach that doesn’t then carry out all the research time & time & time again, and if it hurts you & you don’t like it, so what…

It takes months, years of hard work to get where you want to be & no, if someone tells you to run 5-30 dashes x4, or 5, or 6x, no they won’t help you run faster.


I’m short on time right now. So, let me first direct you to some of the other threads concerning football. There is lots of information on the site concerning football specific speed work including one I started with respect to in-season speed and tempo work. Charlie, Thomas, Chris P., Xrl8, Mike 89 plus others have posted many times with respect to football. Go through these and let’s go from there.

Sorry for the short reply. Just very busy right now.

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How you would increase in 8 weeks/mycrocyle (preseason)the Volume, the Intensity and the Distance?

Is good…(???)
Week1----max effort/max Intensity)…1 setx14repsx30 mt(rest low ex 30-40 seconds betwwen reps)

Week 2(more Volume and max effort)----2x6x30mt(rest sets 3 minuts-and -rest reps 60 sec)

W3(more Volume and max effort)-----------3x5x30mt (4 minuti—rec rip 75 sec)

W4(Unload and test)…4setsx3rip(rest. 5’ and 90’'sec).

Week 5 Season(start)