Sprint training & soccer

im 17 yrs old and play soccer… I play soccer with my team 3 times a week and I’m also planning to do high quality sprint and weight training on the same day(weights straight after sprint) twice a week.
Monday - soccer training with team
Tuesday - recovery training; tempo, contrast shower, swimming etc
Wednesday - Sprint and weights
Thursday - Soccer training with team
Friday - Recovery training
Saturday - Sprint and weights
Sunday- Soccer training with team

  • Is it negative to have a soccer training with my team the day after a pretty hard sprint/weight session? Can it slow my progress to get faster ? my priority here is to have a recovery day before the sprint and weight day, to be fully restituted…
    I also drink protein after training

It all depends on what you do in that day you have soccer practice. If it is technical (very-low intensity) it may not be a problem, but soccer is a sport that fluctuates in energy demands, and depending on your position, can hit the 70-85% zone (similar to intensive tempo) frequently. This would not allow for proper recovery from the previous day’s sprint training. Also, Charlie has discussed the application of sprint training for soccer, so you may want to run a search on the old forum.

Soccer training was discussed quite a bit at the old forum.

Here is a couple of links:



Any questions, feel free to ask.

Thanks ppl. ive read the links before ourwullie…
But WHEN is it best to put the 2 sprint/weight sessions in when I train in the evening on sunday monday and thursday?
If I get 30 hours rest from my sprint/weight session to my soccer training, is it OK ? different opinions here
In our soccer training we usually warm up for 15 min. technical training for 20 min and play 5 vs 5 - 5 min each game, or 8 vs 8 - 8 min each game - for a total of about 50 minutes…
Im a striker so I dont run and run as a midfielder… but I give 100 % of course on the trainings
I just want to be faster towards the season that starts in may
thank you

Why bother doing tempo if you’re already playing soccer? Your soccer training sessions following each speed day should provide enough low intensity aerobic work.

But i thought it was better to do tempo than nothing at all? to recover… ? is it better to just take a bath or a swim, contrast shower? or just play some ball and do technical stuff?

I guess it depends on how intense your soccer training sessions are. Typically when I’m training for rugby, I’ll run all my patterns at an easy pace and call it tempo. My coach knows that I’m quick and there is no need to waste CNS energy with too much speed during mock games or running patterns during training.

If you’re doing tempo correctly (very low intensity), I guess it wouldn’t be too much but still I would have at least one day of no running at all to give your joints a break.

I see what you mean.
I guess I have a BIG problem here… my coach wants me to give 100 % in all sprints in a soccer game 5-vs-5 (for example) I cant just give 70 % in training games, because the quality will sink very much… and my teammates become very angry if I don’t give 100 %
Any idea where I can put 2 sprint - then weights - sessions? so that I can recover enough and be fresh enough in my body to the sprints/weights

As a general rule, I would consider the soccer training closer to tempo work than speed work. So I would use the soccer as a replacement for tempo.

Keep in mind that 100% effort in a short burst on the soccer field is not the same thing as running at 100% max speed, so it doesn’t have the same CNS effect as max speed workouts. Therefore, performing soccer workouts between speed sessions might not interfere as much as you think.

However, also keep in mind that for you, sprint work is part of your general training. Therefore, as the demands of you soccer training increase you will probably have to reduce your speed workouts to maybe once every 7-10 days as a supplement to your soccer during the peak of the season. You might even have to drop the speed work completely at some point in the competitive season and rely on the soccer itself to retain a large part of this quality. The same goes for lower body lifting.

Vg find the nearest health club near your house. Call them up and ask them if they have a whirlpool. I have a friend who plays at a high level of soccer and uses the whirlpool daily. Goodluck, Tim

Thanks for the advices flash and timothy lane! I don’t think it is any health club here in my town that has a whirlpool… at home we just have a pool without whirl…
I’ve tried whirlpool and it gives good massage and loosen up the muscles

Can you say something about this:

Monday: 19.30-21.00: Soccer training

Tuesday: Very easy technical training with ball… low intensity + abs/back

Wednesday: 13.00-15.00: technical ball training as a part of the warmup
Sprint training 3x 20m, 3x 30m…then some strenght exercises,(I don’t lift heavy weights yet on my legs, just upper body… just do some light plyos and some body-weight strenghts exercises… and light and explosive squat.)

Thursday: 21.00-22.30: Soccer training

Friday: Recovery day/Off. Swim/bath/contrast shower

Saturday: Same as wednesday but 3 sets 3x20 + abs/back

Sunday: 20.00-21-30: Soccer training

Answer from Flash:

That seems pretty reasonable, given a pre-determined soccer schedule. You might want to drop the Tuesday training, since you’ve already had three days of training in a row (Sat, Sun, Mon), including technical work as part of your soccer training. I would make Tuesday more like Friday. That way you have a speed/weight day followed by a soccer day, then rest, then another speed/weight day, followed by two soccer days, then rest. I think soccer is closer to tempo than speed, but it’s still pretty demanding, so it’s not really recovery work like tempo is. At the peak of your soccer season you might have to drop either the Wed. or Sat. workout (my choice would be Saturday). But this depends on what you can tolerate, which you know better than anyone else. You might want to copy and post this on the forum. I think others would find it helpful and maybe give better advice than me.

The above was a U2U message and illustrates my point about sharing if something interesting comes up during a private exchange.


I have read everyone’s posts, I have nothing I can add that will make any huge difference.

However, whilst your program is written down, if you are feeling really tired, then its okay to miss a speed session or cut it short. Do not force your self through the session - this will quickly lead to injury.

What about low intensity ab work, done on a daily basis?

VG there are also a couple of books out there for soccer that actually scientifically look at the game. From total amount of speedwork to resting to tempo in an actual game. You should look into this and try and make your program according to the demands a soccer game with have on your body. (400-800m training mixed with some speedwork). Also call everywhere for a whirlpool there has a got to be a club near you that has a whirlpool. I would check the yellow pages on the internet. Good luck. And PS look under healthclubs instead of gyms.

If you are able to have input into the soccer practices themselves, you might want to try and convince the coach to add some speed work at the beginning of the soccer practices. Not much, 100-150m total, with sufficient rest periods. This should have a nice carryover to the rest of the running. Then you could do a little lifting afterward (mostly upper body during the season, maybe legs every 7-14 days) and then rest or do really easy tempo on the other days.

I’m just brainstorming.

Thanks for the help guys… :slight_smile:

flash you say “Not much, 100-150m total, with sufficient rest periods”. How much rest should that be for a soccer player?


For speed development, the rest periods would be the same regardless of your sport. Again, this is not “sports specific” conditioning, that’s what the soccer training is for. Rest intervals will vary slightly from person to person, but as a general rule, I like to use about 1.5-2 min rest for every 10m in the sprint. For example, for 10m sprints I like to use 2 min rest, for 20m sprints about 3-4 min, for 30m sprints about 5-6 min, etc.


for speed development for a soccer player whats the max distance they should train at?