Sprint training beginner

I want to get fast over the summer so I am looking for help on a program. I have never done sprints but I have been lifting weight for 2 years. What would be the best program for me to get as fast as I can over the summer?

Over what distance? I am thinking that begginers will get the best time improvement (100m) improving speed endurance and ofcourse technique… on the other hand… introducing high-int runs too fast will take you only to over-training (if you have never did sprint)…
I am thinking you should first develop strong base, so maybe for you is better to do long-to-short approach… doing a lot of tempo (from 400-200-100) and improving technique…
This is my opinion, hope it helps… cheers

Another spoon-feed-me-please request!!!

This must stop. Get the CFTS ebook and come back with an outline. :mad:

Read through some of the various threads on here, use the search button, do some research, purchase some charlie francis material where most everything you will be looking for will be explained, read through other compitent training guides. This sight is here to aide you once you get a basic understanding of what you are looking for, not to lay out a get fast plan for people who do not want to take time to find stuff on their own

I want to be fast over a short distance.

Do you mean agility and quickness? For what sport do you need it?

I mean speed in the 40yd range for football.

Read the threads by xlr8 - using the search function.