'sprint' BBC documentary


90min documentary following Harry AA, Craig Pickering, Simeon Williamson and Wade Bennett-Jackson for twon years leading to the Beijing games.

only available to view in UK

anyone else’s saying that its no longer available?

Too late, it’s gone. If someone has downloaded it maybe it will surface on a torrent site.

they cut me out cuz i’m not going to beijing :mad: I have it on dvd so I will ask if I can put it on the net. the next one is in 2011 (Road to London) and the final piece in december 2012. the final piece is for cinematic view and dvd.

You’re joking! That’s too bad… are you sure it wasn’t because you went abroad?? Cos they showed Wade…

I’m sure you’ll be featured in 2011 road to london though :smiley:

No, I decided in april that I didn’t want to go to beijing. They have filmed me when I first moved to chicago and the last time was NCAA indoors.

Sorry for my ignorance G man but what’s your name?

no ignorance. my name is Gerald Phiri…

Normally I wouldn’t answer for someone, but it’s already public on these forums. He’s Gerald Phiri.

Thanks Gerald, hows training going. :wink:

I’m in the UK, I tried to get it on the BBC Interactive play back last night and its not there. Plenty of shit reality tv though. :mad: