Sprint and Density

Is High Density the most important factor in increasing the Anaerobic alactic Energy system(ex.sprint 3-40 mt)?And for Anaerobic LACTIC?

Can you re-phrase the question? Wouldn’t density imply lactic work?

whats density refer to?

IMO, he refered to lactic work


Density of work refers to the shortness of the breaks between runs.
IE you can increase workload by raising:
Intensity, Density (shortening rest periods),
and Volume.
So increasing density ensures that you DON’T improve alactic abilities, only lactic tolerance.

GOT IT! thanx. I now got a new concept to my vocabulary.

increase in density=shortening of breaks

less rest.

Density = volume/time to complete the work


Watch that definition as it implies BOTH the time between reps and the rate of execution (intensity).
Best to view them separately.