SPP1 recovery

Hi everyone, new member,

Charlie covers 4x(4x60m) as an opening volume in SPP video and says 1-2 mins between reps and 4 mins between sets ish with the acceleration limits.
My question is when we get to 1 set of 4x60m is it still 1 - 2 mins between reps to produce lactic or longer recovery as we go through the decreasing volume.

longer recovery

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What do you think?
How does your son look?
Is this volume reasonable for everyone?
I am wondering, if I was coaching my son, what tool would I rely on most? Info, what I am seeing? There are so many variables to use to determine training volumes and rest intervals.
Who was the person this “recipe” was based on? What was their age? Does age matter? How does CNS fatigue differ from muscular fatigue? or does it?
My favorite question.
I wonder if how my son looks on the track or on the field or at training, I am wondering if that data supersedes all rules and one might have or need to be more and most thoughtful about rest and the admin of more work or what work?

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Thank you for the reply Angela,
I presumed the rest would extend and quality increase.
It would be nice to find the Short to long SPP graph so I can visualize it.
I`ve bought most of the ebooks.
I know the volume should based on the athlete and not a do this and do that and this will be the result.

My son did very low volume all season in training last year, we never went further than 60m to produce the 10.75 and 21.75 in July - it was mostly 3/4x60m 2-3 times a week 5/7 mins rest and always with the wind.
After racing we always took the next training day off so would get 4 days recovery from 100/200m double.

I just need to know the process and will set the volume I think he can handle.

… a few comments…
I was not doing this volume above until the very end of my international level 100mh adventure. It will take time, over time to build to this volume.
Consistent quality over time with the smallest volumes first and grow that volume over time as long as the variables needed are also consistent.
Keep yourself healthy and regenerated and stay that way…
The sample workouts and plans have all been made for specific athletes ( usually male and usually experienced and consistent elite level sprinters.
If one is able to use these as a guide, as a sample and as a gauge, great. It’s my experience this is not the case and it’s why Charlie disliked this sort of thing. Having said that cream rises to the top. Most people don’t follow rules maybe because they know better. I learned the hard way and so did Charlie. We were both so frustrated as athletes at different times and at different levels ( he was at a much higher level than I was) so for different reasons we wanted to find out how to make things right and understand now to improve.
It’s one reason why I advocate for people to study the info and practice what is learned and keep learning and try to learn from the best people available and those whom have had consistent results.

Required support information is attached to Edmonton 07 seminar :slightly_smiling_face:

Mattsprints06 is on it! good work.