spp workouts

hey CF i would like to give your spp s-l workouts a try this season, i am wondering would i need to decrease the speed vol by 10-15% since i am not a elite sprinter?

The volumes all depend on the individual person. Even some elite people cannot handle a lot of volume. Remember the reason why there is a high amount of volume is that the intensity is not as high. And as the intensity increases the volume drops. The best thing to do is to monitor yourself for overtraining, and if you feel that is happening then back off.

“Better to be undertrained then overtrained”

if u could give us some more detail it would help, but i think u will be ok.

hey CF i am wondering are the s-l spp graphs only meant for advance sprinters and if so how much would u recommend for the ave sprinter to < the vol by?

would something below be ok to follow while during the spp workouts?

Snatch below knee 6x3
Back squats 6x5
Bench press 5-4-3-2-1

hang cleans 6x3
walking lunges 4x6
db incline 4x6

Power cleans 6x3
Jump squats 4x6
Pullups 4x6

look good to me but lets see what others say.

im interested in what others think, bc i think Boo follow a very similar format during late fall…