SPP dvd

When will the SPP dvd be available? Remember reading that it was being edited or was that the Jane project dvd?

My guess is April.

Rupert was this the SPP DVD you guys were talking about,


If not, when will the SPP DVD be ready?


Is Vancouver called SPP? I’m beginning to wonder if you actually read my posts.


This project got delayed. We have no firm dates for this movie.

We do however have another project film we’re going to start shooting May 22nd. Watch for more details.


It’s the woman dancing, SVS becomes buttnotised:)

I thought the Vancouver 2004 included SPP material? I don’t know, I was basing my opinion on the material I got at the Vancouver seminar.
Sorry for the mixup. So there is SPP DVD coming out! Cool, that’s all I wanted hear.

Peace out.