Sports Vision Training (SVT) for baseball

Many of us are aware of the tools being marketed with a promise to improve ‘sports vision’. In this case a hitting sport. No doubt all components of sports vision are required to execute the task successfully in a hitting sport. But the question remains, as how this ability is trained. I would agrue that hitters in baseball train their dynamic vision while hitting the ball itself. So how are these various tools like, beads, strings etc. useful? Comments anyone?

Any input on this subject anyone?

Are you sure that’s the correct link to the topic on hand or is it just some innocent spam?

That is a link of a website selling some tools for SVT called visualedge. It could be quackery.

I would be interested in hear from the experts here on what they think of SVT.

No it isn’t. It’s a company that sells printers. Maybe you wanted:

Juggler : oops ! I am sorry, I goofed the url. Thanks for the right link. Yes thats the website I meant :slight_smile:

I was looking for some insight on the concept of sports vision training, not necessarily the products on that website.

It looks pretty good but seems kind of expensive per workout.

I’m going to send the link to a friend who is a goaltender and see if it interests him at all.

Thanks Plook here is another url to a detailed write up on the same subject

The only issue is that optometry is somewhat a dubious science while orthoptics is a proven method.

So how does sports vision improve in a hitting sport, is it all specificity? i.e. hitting the ball or will optometry help? Experiences anyone?

I can’t believe how stupid I am.

I have an eye surgeon who’s a client of mine.

I’ll see him Friday morning and ask him. Unless of course someone needs emergency surgury.

Ok so I showed him the vizualedge site and he said it looked ok. It reminded him of the flight sims they have in a way.

The short of it is he said that you’d be way better off juggling.

So save your money and buy some balls!!! Or chainsaws

Thanks Plook, makes sense :smiley: