Sports Science and Medicine Education

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I have finally reached the final stretch of my university education, and have made an enormous analysis of my life and despite having studied dentistry, and being less than a year away from completing my degree, I have decided that I want to continue my education in the field of Sports Science and Medicine.

As some of you may know I’m a low level sprinter/jumper who was thrown into competing in the National University Athletics tournament last year in the Decathlon, and have been self taught on many subjects with regards to training. Reading many books (as many as I’ve been able to get my hands on, CFTS, Forum Review, Speed Trap, Bompa’s Strength Periodization, Essentials of Sport Nutrition, etc…)

And I was wondering, if anyone, especially those in Canada, could recommend any degrees or further study in these areas, as high performance has become a sort of obsession of mine. (not only to improve my performance… I understand that at 28 I’m not going to get into the olympics running 11.4, but to improve others as well)

The reason why I ask with particular interest about Canada, is the logical progression, that if I wish to learn properly, I should learn from the best, that being IMHO Charlie himself, and maybe, train with Charlie, for a future in Masters T&F (not T&A as a friend of mine is pointing out).

I look forward to hearing from any and all who would like to help, and wish to also explain that the courses and education are not restricted to Canada, I am willing to travel anywhere, it’s just that the bonus of training with Charlie, would be off the Charts.

Also, if anyone knows of any scholarship programs, I would also be very interested in hearing of this

Thanking you all in advance for taking the time to read this long post, and for replying


No walk in the park.
I did a sports science major concentration secondary ed. teachers cert.

Its like pre-med. Kines, Phys,bio, anatomy. You like science? You like bio chem? The calvin cycle, krebs cycle, glycosis; sitting in labs for hours. Then this major is for you.

You want scholarships :
Scholarships to grad schools in the US. First if your not from this country your degree might not even count. Chile though, I guess? Heck Ill say why not. I would count it. But here in the US maybe not. But say they do count it. Basically you need to score great on the GRE, MET, or equiv. Be involved in school activies as well as being a well rounded student. Then make sure you score a 3.7-8/4.0 GPA “OR” above like urs truely. Once you have done this you apply for financial aid and sit and pray that they rate your application high so you dont have to bay pack 50,000 in dollars loans.

Beautiful baby.

Going to school in the United States:
If your looking to go into the US; be prepared for alot of drugs, drinking and debauchery. A lot of drunken floosies around these parts. Plus you end up in the wrong section and it might be over for you. US crime rate is off the charts. Might be a shock to someone not originally from here. Anyways. You might check Boston University. They have several good programs.

What specifically did you want to do with it. Almost everything that is a branch of this major you need to be licensed in. Even as a personal trainer (CTP) or strength coach (SC). It can be a hard knock life for sports science major. A good number of them do not go into the field at all. There are several good articles on the internet by As ctp you will be looking at a salary of 15-45 grand here. You always could go to Med school. Become a sports med doctor. Rip some people off. OR become an athletic trainer, teacher, author. I dunno. To go far you will probably need a PHD. Do you have time for that.

Beautiful guy from Boston.

Please be more specific so then we can help. Im just throwing options out there for you.

I got b’s to say what your thinking.
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gday dr.sprint.

Let me clear up what you might have misunderstood that I didn’t leave explicit in my first post. I have no real intention of moving to the US or canada permanently, just live there while I study the degree.

To be as concise as possible, I’m looking for something that will help me become a better coach/trainer. Basically the development of sports here in Chile isn’t good at all. So any degree will be an addition to the development of sport (sounds really sad, and in a sense it is). However, my ideal is to be able to use the various specific scientific disciplines to develop athletes (in general, not only limited to track and field athletes) to the best of their and my ability. Basically I’m trying to get into the High Performance area.

If you have anymore questions or ideas, I’m all eyes!! :smiley:



Ill send u a private message. Follow your heart.
BTW, your english is excellent.

Kid from boston. Back at you.


Thanks, it might actually shock you but I was born in Australia and only came to Chile in 1999 because both my grandfathers died and my parents wanted to spend as much time as possible with my grandmothers before they died. One died just last year and the other is going strong at 87 with no plans of kicking it anytime soon. (she’ll probably outlive me!!).


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