sports hernia?

Ive had this thing thats been bothering me for a while, and ive just kind of powered through it, but it got so bad the other day after doing 3x300 that i had to postpone the rest of my workout and go to physio.

it started in my lower abdonman and thats the first thing i feel , and then what actually stops me from running any more sets etc. is strain in my groin and hip flexor. Physio said its very general and known as a “sports hernia” but is not a real hernia.

Any help as to recovery , anyone else who has experiences this etc. would be greatly appreciated.

I’d go see a GP.


Had something like this about a year ago…real pain in the ass. First, don’t power though it, it will just get worse and delay recovery. I guess the first question for you would be how deep in the abdomen is the pain? What i’m getting at is…is the pain more superficial, where you know it is the lower abdomen, or is it deeper, such as the psoas?
What i ended up having was a lower ab strain. Was told at first that it was a “sports hernia” and after reading the research on it i did not want to get the surgery. “Sports hernia” is very hard to diagnose and the success rate after surgery is not great. So, kinda figured out myself that it was the low abs and went from there. Had to stop running completely…yeah sucks i know. Did some ground-based ab work starting with isometric holds. I did this with a med ball being held between my knees, adductor isomet. Also did some “draw ins” for TVA activation. Yeah i know, but it ended up helping so i did it. From there just progressed to crunches with the adductor isometrics and after a few weeks i was back doing rotational work and a short while after full ab work. As far as lifting went, whatever i was able to do without pain, i did.

thanks, yes the pan does feel deeper, however was your accompanied by groin/hipflexor issues. The actual lower ab is not what ends up making me shut it down in a workout but groin and hip flexor issues that come on later.

yeah, i did have hip flexor issues. What i found later on was that my right glute med. was tight/spasmed which caused my left psoas to tighten up. Thats the side i had all the problems with. I still feel the glute tighten up every once and a while but if i stay on top of it and keep it loose, my hip flexors are fine.