sports drinks

the sports drinks available for during training are they worth it?

They are if you are in a long workout. The key to remember is that drinks such as gatorade and powerade need to be diluted with equal part water. These products are made to sale at a convienient store, so extra sugar is added. If you drank it this way, you would experience gastric distress from the water retention.

Endura is a class above and superb in hot climates. We’ve found a noticeable difference.

ive mentioned this on other threads, gpush is amazing. 4 formulas depending on the duration and intensity of your workout and awesome electrolytes and its the only sports drink that can use galactose.

1 and 2 are the best in their class, and 3 does the job, but 4 (which is their recovery drink) sucks. they are reformulating it as we speak.