sports drink Vs water

Just got back from the dentist, who is saying the sports drink’s im having with training are starting to damage my teeth and gums.

does everyone here use a sports drink, or do you use water and if so, how do you keep your evergy levels up up training and comps, this dentists was saying jsut hav a bannana.


Top link in post 4

interesting article that!!!

Charlie’s advice is BCAA’s, and like most of what he’s said i receive good results.

yeh i actually read about the bcaa, and hav done it at times, but always thought sports drink were taken aswell, i take bcaa only after a sesssion due to the cost factor.

but very interesting to see no one use’s the sports drinks, i think ill be switching to water and keeping my teeth :smiley:

yeah, i use either water, or a protein shake mixed in water. amazing at the energy levels that helps with.

is the protein shake pre mix and something you just sip on through training, or used like the bcaa every 30min?

I normally use a mixture of protein, gatorade/powerade powder and water.

that must taste lovely :confused:

its a protein powder i make up when at the track. It has a blend of quick proteins and slow proteins (digestive rate). I start sipping about 30min into. and finnish of the rest at the conclusion of training, if there is any left.

Orange gatorade powder + vanilla protein actually tastes quite nice, like orange dreamsicle.