Sport Meal (Post-workout mix) from BSL

Anyone have experience with this? It sounds like an affordable PW option for those of us without the big bucks.

Clemson would be the one to talk to. He is a genius when it comes to supps for recovery, regeneration, and muscle building.

You don’t need big bucks. All you need is protein powder and sugar. Grab some protein powder online and get big bucket of gatorade powder.

Dell Dell,

I would go half pwo and half anti-catabolic…the sports meal is a great starting point.

I have been using ON Whey + Gatorade. This seems like a cheaper and perhaps better option with the AA’s.

For the anti-catabolic/MRP, I was thinking just get Micellar Casein + 4 oz. coconut milk 2x a day. Is MPI that much worse? I have some from protein factory right now, but it’s a pain to mix.

I have been taking the sports PW from Blackstarlabs for a week now, and really like it. The price is affordable and works great. Vanilla tayste good too.

I love fruitropical micellar casein…add coconut milk and you are 80% there…blackstarlabs makes the blend.