Sport hypnosis - mental toughness

Do many coaches made use of sport hypnosis and mental training in the coaching of athletes.
and what is the your experiences regarding mind training which invoved
Positive affirmations
Use of subconscious mind

In the following link Angela bailey gives her story and how it helped her to be in the zone

“Advocate of drug free sports”. You go Angie B!

Her goal was to get an Olympic medal…how much did hypnosis help the other members of the 4x100 team?

It can be effective in a number of way, very effective, and not only in terms of mental preparation, if you understand the mind-body connection.
The problem is, it is very hypnotist-dependent. You would not expect the results obtained by Charlie in sprinting with other common coaches, would you?

So what you say if you buy one of these sport hypnosis audio downloads it is not effective or is there audio dowloads that can be considered of help for mental preparation

Audios are one size fits all. Therefore, in the great majority of cases they don’t work as expected. In-person in mandatory. Possible applications include boosting confidence, managing conflicts, alteration of perceptions, and much more if we want to dwell into the mind-body connection.

If you read Speed Trap Charlie is pretty harsh when it comes to the whole concept of mental toughness. In his view, mental toughness is a product of being physically prepared.

He quotes Gerard Mach: “When you’re prepared you can do whatever you want, but when you’re not prepared you’ll run like a beginner. Preparation is number one, number two, number three, number four, number five, number six - and when you get to number 97, we’ll talk about psychology.”

When Paula Radcliffe is struggling, she uses disassociation techniques to take your mind off the pain. Slowly counting to 100.

She says that she uses disassociation by counting her steps during a race. Radcliffe said, “When I count to 100 three times, it’s a mile. It helps me focus on the moment and not think about how many miles I have to go. I concentrate on breathing and striding, and I go within myself.”

I listen to music (heavy stuff) to disassociation myself.

That’s 5.36m per stride. Pretty impressive! :slight_smile:

I am not talking about mental toughtness, far from it, and I read Speed Trap quite a few times. I was talking about mind-body connection, which is nothing esoteric, nothing New Age, but a field to be explored. This is for the advancement of knowledge.
Electricity in medicine was dismissed a century or more ago. Then, we had Robert Becker among others and then we had EMS, ARP, Tens, microcurrent, cold laser and so on. Mind-body connection is a field to be further explored and I want to repeat, I’m not referring to mental toughness. I’am talking about adaptations to internal and not external stimuli. And it is nothing esoteric, not tallking about mystics, faith-healers, fatima or medjugorie. Thanks.
I can also suggest some interesting research.

Actually, I do have an interest in hypnosis, especially elements of NLP and Ericksonian hypnosis. I also have some interesting material on the subject from James DeMile, who was one of Bruce Lee’s early students in Seattle.

But I do think there is a tendency to blow it out of proportion in certain circles.


That’s a joke.
Read Psychobiology of Gene Expression and something by Jack Schwarz. And Beyond Biofeedback. Then other stuff.
A field worth exploring.