Splits of Powell's WR?

Can anyone post the splits of his last world record?

PJ is working on them now. Look amazing so far(but, no, he didn’t split 6.25 for 60m!!)

do you know roughly where the imrpovement came from? it was hard to tell from the video ive seen. top speed?

From the race in Brussels, I would certainly say from ~50-70m was quite impressive. Much smoother and comfortable looking than any round in Osaka, IMHO.

Tentative splits for Rieti indicate 3.79 to 30m, 6.32 for 60m, and 7.98 for 80m and includes a .82 segment from 60 to 70m (you can see this burst on the film). The 80m split indicates a possible 9.69 to 9.72 if he went fully through the line! To put this in perspective, Ben was 8.02 before he shut down for 9.79 and Mo was 8.09 in his 9.79- fully .11 slower!

Do you know if full splits will be produced or just partial ones?

I might be way off base here, and guy from Boston doesn’t really care, but has anyone else noticed similarities between Asafa Powells running form and Carl Lewis’s running form?

Besides them both being over 6 feet, I havent.

I recon it has been the 1st time i have seen footage of somebody Twitch down the track like that since Ben ran 9.79. He wasnt running, he was twitching the whole way.

Looks like a taller Mo to me, at least for the first 30m.

Charlie where are these preliminary splits from?

Check the Asafa 9.74/Rieti thread for splits.

His last 40m does. I think.

Insane! What the human body can do, wow.

(yes I’m back)