Splits For Marion?

Did anyone get any 200 or 300 splits for Marion at MtSAC? It would be quite interesting

it appeared to be a quick first 200m, made up nearly all the stagger on jana (organised with meet officials to get a lane inside jana, when originally it was the other way around) but then she died something fierce. after her coach predicting a sub 50, 55.03 is way off the mark.

and kitkat: what did you think of jana’s run. for mind, after watching it, she seems to be off the pace at the moment as well, her flat speed needs to be quicker than that as her hurdling isnt that good - thats just my opinion.

Sorry, my computer doesn’t have the guts or the program for viewing video so didn’t see the race.issed it on TV too.
I heard that Jana ran 200m in 24.5 (something around there, maybe it was 24.3) a week or two ago. Which on the face of it isn’t good. However if that’s the case, then her mid-52sec for 400m indicates she’s really strong from a running endurance point of view. She’s got a 2sec or better differential for the first and second half of the race and that’s a very good sign for later in the season. Remember as world titleholder she’s got a wildcard entry and she’s going direct to Helsinki in August. Prettymuch everyone else still needs to peak for their own nationals which, for the US, is in June, so they’re already advanced in their speed development for the year (as compared with Pittman).
I’d still love to know Marion’s 200m split if anyone can grab it off the video??

The webcast of the meet wasn’t in a great visual quality so I wasnt’ able to take any splits plus the delay over the internet messed up my timing as well, on some of the college 4x1’s i was either 5 tenths ahead or behind based off latency.