Spikes for kids

At what age should spiked shoes be introduced to young sprinters? They are 7-12 yrs old. I dont think its even worth it at this stage.



Depends on their performances and how quickly they can learn to pick up technical stuff. IMO, they should be wearing spikes if they are talented and exeptional.

Cool thanks. I just started training a really good track team for kids but I dont want to injure them. I will try them on the younger kids and see how they feel.

I had kids as young as 6 wearing spikes. Also, I had 9yo. 10yo. 12yo. who used to run generally better [in training] wearing spikes then in competition [without them]. There are no indications that only by wearing spikes at early age chances of getting injured [relating to the footware] increase. In fact, kids tend to run better. I found also that sprinting type of spikes [round heel less support] are not that good because their heels tend to get sore. So what I recommend is http://www.gymsupply.com/dgs-cheetah.htm inserted inside of the shoe + this type of spikes for kids NIKE ZOOM RIVAL D http://www.peteblandsports.co.uk/trolleyed/32/474/8/

BUT NOT those types;


I hope this helps.