Spikes for 100m and Long Jump

I basically have two sets of shoes for tomorrow’s athletics event. and i was wondering which spikes are better…

i think its a clay/hard surface area.

which spikes are best suited for 100m and 200m? shorter spikes?

also, which spikes r best suited for long jump?

also, does the actual shoe make a difference?

A long time since I was on clay, but I think you probably need to go longer than shorter, depending on how hard the clay is.

Some shoes are designed specifically for jumping, so use those, of course, if you have them. If not, go with a mid-distance shoe – if you have that. Otherwise, the sprint spike will have to do. Take along some extra spike elements so you can test out what works best. Too long and you may stumble or get caught in the track, too short and you slip. Find the best combination on that day.