Spike selection


I’ve recently had some Achilles tendon issue, which seem to be likely due to spikes, so I’m looking for a new pair. Are there any sprinting spikes (brands, models) that tend to run wider around the ball of the foot area? It would also be nice if they had the back part covering the top of the heel be a little softer and thicker too.

My current spikes are Asics Sonicsprint Elite, and they are torn on inner and outer part of the shoe, which probably made my odd of injury worse. They seem well fitting to me, but they are harder to find in the US nowdays, and also, one thing I didn’t like about it was that the back part covering the heel is extremly thin and rough, and I found it impossible to wear it without socks and not get blisters. I’d think the heel part being more forgiving could help stay away from the bruttal pressure and rubbing on the Achilles, which can cause problems.

I started having the issue about two months ago, started with very minor stiffness first 2-4 steps out of bed, that didn’t affect me throughout the day at all even during intense training. It started getting worse after about a month, to where I’d get some tenderness on the attachment on the heel, and have some soreness during warm up that goes away. It was never severe, but I just didn’t like the fact the trend of it getting worse, rather than better.

I took about 8 days off from running, did eccentric calf raises, started back with easy jogging, and after about 2 weeks, I’ve built up to doing about 80% speed striding pain free in flats. Yesterday was my first time back on the track, so far I feel fine, so I like the trend of improvement.

I don’t plan on going heavy with spikes in the near future, probably not use one at all for 2-4 weeks, and then gradually ease into it, but I’d like to try and find one that wouldn’t cause me problems.

You may want to invest in 2 different types of spikes - a practice spike with a less aggressive plate and a racing spike a more aggressive plate.

Yeah that could be a possibility, do you have any suggestion for ones that run wider?

No idea - I haven’t raced since 2010 so I haven’t been keeping up with track gear.