Spike selection

My spike just broke recently, and I’m about to get a new one soon…

I want to get a better understanding of spike design.

I think I read in this forum before that stiffer, fuller plates will yield faster time, but will stress the Achilles more…

I believe lighter builds are more for frequency and slightly heavier (but still light) ones are more for powerful strides.

What I’m curious about is what is the pros and cons of having more vs. less number of pins?

as well as the orientation of the spikes? Some spikes have more pins on the outer edge and some have more on the inner edge.

personally every brand will have there own theory but I absolutely love mizuno. the elite versions are simply works of art

I never got to really see or try on Mizuno spikes. I feel like Asics is a good fit for me, I wonder how Mizuno would fit. Do you get them shipped from Japan? I don’t see too many websites that carry a large selection of Mizuno spikes.


tell me these shoes are not a work of art.

That price is a work of art

lol…theres cheaper 1ones on that site

I would like to know how they fit and how the pin alignment works. Though, in California, many meets don’t allow needle pins and won’t allow those spikes…