Spike Blanks?

When you buy a pair of spikes, why do they come with the right amount of screw-in spikes and two spikes that are just the screw in part without a spike? What’s the point of these blanks?

Some people feel uncomfortable having every spike in since not everyones feet are built the same. For example some people do not like having a spike on the outside of their foot. For those that choose not to put a spike in that spot I suppose the blanks could be used so that “stuff” does not get jammed into the place where the spike goes incase they changed their mind.

Makes sense…

Does anyone put blanks in every spot and turn their spikes into a spike-less shoe? I’ve got a pair of waffle racers with spike in em and I was thinking of putting in blanks so I can run on a wooden/cement surface?? Stupid idea or what?

if its just on wood or cement there is no reason to fill the spike well with a blank if all ur gonna use them as is a spikeless shoe. however u might wanna fill the hole so the spike well doesn’t get messed up incase u want to go back to using them as a spike.