SpeedTrap ll Wireless Timing System

Though wired, we prefer the Porta Kit from Innervations. It includes a workable pc application for evaluations and measured performances. It works better in all of our prescribed work sessions that the Brower system and doesn’t suffer from the problems we’ve had with the latter. I discussed this in detail in a post several months ago.

If memory serves, the price was slightly less than a four-gated wireless.

I use my Wired Brower System weekly (I actually used mine today). It is very effective in determining what you need to see and is easy to set up. Hand times are worthless, and if you really want to train to reach your potential, you’ll use something like this.

You can purchase the Wired System for around $400… not too expensive compared to the wired.

LSU has 8 different wireless brower systems… they are used by top D1 schools.


are you guys putting your hand on the pad or the rear foot on the block?

I put my hand on the pad. I think this is the ‘standard’ for timing the 40.

Yea I put my hand on the pad too. I read that reaction time was gathered from the rear foot leaving the pad. I was just wondering if anyone had tried it.

We record both. The best we have measured to date is with an athlete whose hand release time was approximately half that of the foot off the pad.

I own a Speedtrap II unit with an extra set of censors, which was an investment of about $1500. The feedback makes training more interesting, but IMO is not really useful and is far from important. Inconsistent conditions make it impossible to compare results from workout to workout, or even run to run on windy days. The price is an absolute ripoff. There are a lot of components, any one of which the unit is useless without and will cost you dearly to replace if you lose. Last spring I lost the monitor (the little hand-held device that displays the time, nothing more than a radio-controlled stopwatch) and it cost me $400 to replace. WHAT THE FUCK?? Anyway… IMO the investment is not really worth it unless training is your life or you just have money to BLOW. I’ve considered selling mine for a substantially reduced price- maybe $1000 for the unit with the extra censors.

Hey, I just stumbled across a site that has a self timing unit that looks pretty interesting for about $165.00(US). does anyone know anything about it??? http://www.gillettesports.com/


thanks for the link. The big question from the link was are they up and selling again, and the answer is yes!!! I think I’ll get one.

Let us know what you think!

think i can comment on both here.

i have had the brower system which i used a total of 4 times with its inability to record the longest on it is totally 100% inaccurate as the beam can be set of if the athletes hand breaks the beam.

the porta kit from inervations i have had for 4 years now can be set for any number of gates will record the longest on peroid of the beam and removes all false signals and loads right into excel.

expensive yes but well worth it.