I’m looking for somewhere to get a sleeved speedsuit ala Kim Collins.
Has anyone seen one being actually mass-produced?
I easily get cold on the back of the shoulders and the uppermost part of the upper arms.

So far I have found this:

Jltrack - Custom track uniforms etc…

thor check out this link


the full suits are great but kinda difficult to take off in a hurry if you have to visit for a leak

sorry try


That bodysuit is new to me - something to consider.
However I want to look cool too!
I’m thinking about maybe getting an all black suit with gold speedstripes to go with my Nike Jsc’s.

It seems Jsc’s are on sale at Bournesports. Thanks for the link!


how much would this be in US dollars? can i pay in us dollars?

29.4334 dollars
Curently 1 pound is 1.63610 dollars.

Payment by cards only it seems.