Doesnt it seem like back in the day 1980’s and earlier nobody wore speedsuits?

For example have you ever seen Ben in one?

why is that? were they not invented yet?

I never saw anyone in those days wearing them that I can remember. I’m sure they weren’t invented yet. But, whoever invented those is a genious because those loose, hurdler type uniforms suck to run in for me. I love running in speedsuits.

There were a few sprinters that wore speed suits back in the 80’s. I remember seeing a picture of Alonzo Babers, the 1984 400 meter Olympic champion, wearing a speed suit. Also there were a couple of sprinters and hurdlers in the 1988 Olympics that wore speed suits. I believe that Dennis Mitchell, hurdlers Roger Kingdom and Andre Phillips wore speed suits. I believe that Roger Kingdom wore a speed suit with an aerodynamic hood when he won the 110 meter hurdles.

Here is a link of Alonzo Babers wearing a speed suit back in the 1984 L.A. Olympics.


Speedsuits were around when Ben was running, but he never wore one. Ben was too much of a man to wear one of those poofy looking costumes :smiley: