Are sprint times fairly linear with bodyweight for the same strength level?? Say an athlete loses 10% of his weight and stays just as strong…will his times decrease by 10% or is it way less than that?

a 10% change in speed is HUGE, so no.

10% in most cases would be 1 second in the 100 meter dash. A decrease in 10% bodyweight would not equal a drop of a second in the 100. A 200 pound athlete losing 5 pounds running 11.5 will not run 10.5 just because of his weight loss.

but you do need a good weight to strenght ratio’s.

A 200 lb guy would have to lose 20 lbs AND stay as strong. Would that cut off a second…20 lbs?

I don’t think he could. Speed is not just a matter of strength to bodyweight ratio, too many other factors. My weight fluctuates around 190-200 lbs, I am not 5% faster, at 190 than I am at 200. I’m really not any faster.

Hope this helps

Funny thing is when I was in high school i was 190 solid, went to college and blew up to 230 and gained speed. I was stronger so i guess it helped.

whats your times?

Thanx for the input