Speed Trap

For those members of the forum who for some inexplicable reason have not yet read Speed Trap, I have written a fairly long review of it on Amazon’s site. Just do a search for it on Amazon and you’ll find the review. It’s the long one. Because of the nature of some of the content of the book, I won’t put a direct link to it here (even though it is Charlie’s own book).

There’s usually a couple of used hard copies for sale, but it’s probably easier to buy the ebook version here.

Probably not. I’ve tried to buy the ebook twice and they just took my money and didn’t give me anything(serious). I have 2 payments through paypal and nothing to show for it.

contact Rupert.

I can only speak to the contents of the book. Ordering is a separate issue. I’m lucky enough to have a hard copy.

Contact info@charliefrancis.com for follow-up and psot here whether you get the download.

You can put the link up here

Here’s the link to the Amazon page:


Thanks Flash. Nice review and kind words.

That was a good review. Consistent with how I’ve understood it as well and the way most of CF products have appeared to me.

Perhaps goes into insight that Charlie has with coaching and third party analysis. He should write a book concerning the heightened degrees of sprint performance in the 21st century!