Speed trap

Figured everyone would appreciate this story. So I took my vacation last week and decided to go visit my parents. I’m chatting with my parents and they tell me that they found a couple books at this used book store in a small town of about 200 people when they were traveling earlier in the summer. My dad is like one of the books is by that Charlie Francis guy you used to read all the time. You probably already own the book, but we figured why not pick it up it only cost 25 cents. The book is practically new, not even a corner of one of the pages is bent. I told them I had been looking for a copy of this book for years. I had to laugh, finally got my own hard copy of speed trap for a freakin quarter, unbelievable.

What a find! Keep it safe.

Awesome, can’t beat that.

There is of course the customary Forum Tax…what, you weren’t advised. Sorry, too late… just mail your $50 remittance to info@charliefrancis.com

  • and we’ll waive the spotter’s fee and throw in the sales tax gratis.

Are you sure your not my Brother, you sound just like him! :stuck_out_tongue: